Can you download Threads by Meta on Huawei yet?

Instagram Threads

Meta introduced what many hoped would be a competent contender against Mark Zuckerberg’s, X, which was formally known as Twitter.

On July 5th the Threads app, a new way to share text, was launched from Meta.  An app built by the Instagram team for sharing text updates and joining public conversations.

The news was exciting with millions flocking toward the new kid on the block with the initial weeks downloads skyrocketing.

By July 7, the platform was causing a stir in both the App Store and Google’s Play Store, rapidly gaining users globally.

The latest social venture saw more than 40 million sign-ups world-wide according to reports, which set a new record for most downloaded app.

The app allows users to post short messages that other users can like and comment on.  The added benefit is Instagram users are able to keep their usernames and follow the same accounts on the app.

It was rather urking to find a notification that says a user has accepted your follow request, considering you forget that the app does port your follow list to the new Threads app from Instagram.  It’s likely to follow the same users you followed on Instagram.

The idea was brilliant on paper and the first week was exciting but come weeks later, Meta saw a decline in numbers as some other users were jumping ship arguing that the Threads app was still under construction and was a tad slow in some instances.

Huawei app store and Threads 

Huawei currently does not have the app on its app store.  We are aware the the Huawei group is in talks with the Meta team to carve a way forward. We should see an upshot once that conversation gets a nod.

It was a little frustrating initially – amid the Threads excitement while we were using a Huawei device – when we realized we still could not download Threads.

Then we realised it was just FOMO, the fear of missing out.  Downloading the Threads app and testing it, quickly made us realize that we were not missing out on anything revolutionary just yet.

No offense to the hard-working team at Meta for Threads.  We acknowledge the great work you guys do, but can we also talk to Huawei about Threads and find a consensus?

It does not make sense for some device users to be left out of technological evolution.  It’s necessary for everyone to have viable input. Just a thought.

Huawei users may still have a challenge downloading the Meta App, but this can change at any minute since the issue was flagged with Huawei a month ago.

The Threads app may still be unsupported with third-party apps viable enough to carry the shortfall for now. APK’s and the Aurora Store options may be temporary solutions but users may experience system crashes.

What to do?

The honest answer is to wait. I know, depressing. The issue has been flagged and the Huawei team is on it.  Users can look for alternatives like we did but users will reach the same conclusion we crashed into.

Huawei, Meta, we have work to do.

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