Incoming WhatsApp changes, here’s what you need to know

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Social media messaging giant WhatsApp will be introducing a couple of changes in the coming few months with some notification changes on their way.

UI update

WhatsApp will be looking at making a few user interface changes regarding their layout for Android users.

Initial reports signal a change in the green at the top of the user WhatsApp layout.  The word WhatsApp which is currently in white font surrounded by the green colour is expected to change.

WhatsApp may update the colour to green in the future with several other changes soon to follow.

Another speculated update for WhatsApp aside from a change in paint colour is the ability to group and see notifications to groups at the top of the screen

Some of the colours are expected to change position on the app and move to the bottom of the screen.

Image: WaBetaInfo

The version under development focuses on redesigning the top bar by making it white.

Search filters for channels

Another expected update is the release of advanced search filters for channels

WhatsApp will be introducing an enhancement to channels to allow the ability for advanced search filters.

The tool will allow everyone to receive updates from the people they want.  WhatsApp is currently testing the tool and will release it with more features and improvements to ensure an optimal user experience before a broader rollout.

WhatsApp has removed the filter button from the channels screen, replacing it with a new feature that provides users with an advanced search experience. Specifically, users can now filter channels in order to display only those from their own country.

WhatsApp email verification option

WhatsApp is also working on an email verification feature update that will allow users to secure their account using an email address so that it can be used to verify user accounts.

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