Should women get two days off for their period? The apps say yes

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This may trigger some readers but the point is to probe both ends of the discussion to possibly carve a way forward that we all can possibly accept.

So let’s talk about two days off for women.  Is this possible in today’s tech-rich era?

Period trackers are here and they are not only making sense but continue to revolutionize the way women operate, function, and track one important aspect of their cycle.

Period tracking apps today are designed to assist women in monitoring their menstrual cycle to predict their next period while tracking overall health.

These apps usually track patterns in the following way”

Registration and profile setup

This is where the users download the app from the app service provider and create a personal account.  Users provide basic information about their age menstrual history and cycle length.

The next step would be entry as users begin recording their menstrual data, which includes the start and end dates of their periods, symptoms, moods, and all relevant details necessary for data analytics.

The magic happens at the algorithm-based prediction phase where data entered uses algorithms to make predictions about the users’ menstrual cycles.

The user would then receive reminders and the period tracking app will send notifications and reminders to the users for the next period.

Facts moving forward

The simple fact is period tracking apps send notifications and reminders to the user when their next period is approaching when users are likely to be ovulating.  This assists users in staying informed about their cycle in order to plan accordingly.

The app will likely compile and analyze the data to provide insights into the users’ menstrual patterns.  With a little assistance from AI, the apps are likely to show incredible bouts of pattern accuracy going into the future.

With this idea in place, could we argue that the women could then register their cycle in any workplace environment in an effort to apply for a days leave or two?

The apps 

The apps provide insights into patterns, which may show trends in cycle symptoms and help identify irregularities.

Period tracking apps can be valuable tools for organizations and could help transition into an era which most women most likely would appreciate.

The idea would be to negotiate in an effort to reach a final decision.

The female body

Estrogen and progesterone levels change during different phases of the menstrual cycle. These hormonal shifts can influence mood, cognition, and decision-making for women. Higher estrogen levels are associated with improved cognitive function and mood stability.

Many women will often experience mood swings or changes in emotional well-being during their menstrual cycle. It is these mood variations that can affect how they perceive a situation and make decisions.

Menstrual cycles do bring about cramps that can distract women and affect their focus and decision-making abilities.

This could lead to fatigue during their menstrual period which does impact alertness and cognitive performance.

So we understand the premenstrual phase can bring about symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, and changes in appetite which influence decision-making and overall interaction with people.

The impact

We could argue that overall thinking is impacted by menstrual cycles and decision-making varies widely from person to person. While some may experience significant effects, others may exhibit minimal changes.

Taking days off

Taking days off could be necessary for a few reasons mainly physical discomfort, emotional well-being, and pain management not to mention impacted productivity.

With this in mind, would the argument not lean towards workplaces and society as a whole to accommodate the idea of how menstrual cycles impact women’s overall well-being?

Flexible work arrangements could be the answer, while supportive policies will ensure those affected stay in line without abusing the system.

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