Honor debuts latest AI strategy at MWC 2024

Chinese consumer electronics brand Honor has unpacked what looks like an AI-powered, all-scenario-ready strategy at this week’s MWC presentation.

Unpacking what appears to be a list of innovative projects, Honor announced the launch of the Honor Magic 6 Pro, an AI PC the Honor MagicBook Pro 16, and a list of other human-centric based AI.

It appears the Chinese phone maker is paddling towards AI, as we see three pillars strongly indicating this notion. We see an AI-powered all-scenario AI strategy, alongside an AI cross-collaboration, and human-centric intent-based AI.

Part of the address was Honor’s announcement of the Honor Magic 6 Pro, and the Honor MagicBook Pro 16 which both come with some AI muscle.

Honor’s CEO George Zhao said Honor was committed to delivering human-centric innovations that brought open and seamless experiences in an effort to address consumer desires.

“We are delighted to announce the global launch of the new HONOR smartphones and AI PC, which truly revolutionize the user experience with industry-leading AI capabilities while breaking boundaries in human-device interaction.”

Honor’s Magic 6 Pro showcases the latest in AI muscle from Honor as the series flagship entry boasts leaps in photography, display performance, and AI-powered user experiences.

Honor unveiled the MagicOS 8.0 operating system with Honors level AI. This will be a new multimodal way for humans to interact with smart devices, Honor says.

Honor also introduced on-device AI with open-source LLaMA 2. Honor’s offering for AI LlaMA 2 can complete functions such as Q and A, text creation and reading comprehension in an offline environment.

Honor also displayed the possibility of a hands-free car that can be controlled through the Honor Magic 6 Pro’s AI-powered eye-tracking system.

The experimental concept showcased the interplay between AI-enhanced smartphones and vehicles which can go beyond screen or voice controls.

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