Google Map updates brings some convenient tools

Google Maps

Google is fast gaining the reputation of bringing in convenient features without noise created around its updates.

We remember how earlier this year the firm brought in several features and among those features was a feature covering electric vehicle navigation.

The feature meant those with EVs could now see nearby charging stations.

In some recent updates, which are still subject to confirmation we spot Google introducing Live view where the camera icon introduces live location searching.

Whether it’s discovering ATMs or a parking bay at ORTambo, this reduces some frustrations for the user going forward.

Lens on Maps

This update means Google Maps uses AI and augmented reality to provide more insight into surroundings. Think of it as a live library.

This update leverages Google Lens technology within Maps and users can point their phone’s camera at a building or landmark and instantly get information about it



These are not the only updates that we are likely to see from the Google camp this year.

Immersive View: Google Maps introduced Immersive View, allowing users to virtually explore locations in 3D before visiting.

Google Maps has improved the accuracy and real-time updates for public transport schedules and routes.

New Map Style for Developers

A new default map style for developers using the Google Maps Platform was announced in May 2024. This update offers improved aesthetics and potential customization options.

List Updates: Google Maps introduced curated lists for various categories like “Trending,” “Top-rated,” and “Gems” for specific cities. This can help users discover new and interesting places based on local preferences.

What we can expect in the future

While no official announcements exist yet, we can expect Google Maps to continue focusing on improvements in these areas:

AR Integration: Augmented reality features could enhance navigation and exploration within the real world.

Artificial intelligence can personalize recommendations and search results based on user preferences and habits.

Eco-friendly Routing: Maps could offer options for more sustainable routes that prioritize fuel efficiency or public transport usage.

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