Nedbank launches stellar new campaign, Bank Your Time

Nedbank has officially launched its latest campaign titled Bank Your Time, a campaign that focuses more on saving its clients the necessary time to do the things they love.

The campaign ushers in a digital array of applications that will save users time by making banking more seamless with an array of digital solutions.

What’s new?

Digital solutions that save user time.  Through digital solutions, the South African market at a micro level gains more time cumulatively. This is the message Nedbank unpacks with a campaign that reaches for user heartstrings.

Transact on the Money app to start saving time. Part of the campaign will see Nedbank edge their MiGoals Premium account feature alongside others forward on their money app in an effort to save their clients time.

We remember their MiGoals Premium account package with a few benefits. Those were:

  • Up to 30% off flights with selected airlines
  • Up to 2% unlimited cash back on all Amex card purchases
  • Save and earn interest with MyPocket savings account

See money differently. This is the message from Nedbank’s latest campaign.

PayShap ID will also be brought into the mix, a feature that allows users to send money to loved ones. The money App, Nedbank online, the Avo system, and a series of other digital solutions are what Nedbank hopes will separate it from competitors while reinforcing Nedbanks’ commitment to bankers.

Nedbanks’ latest campaign sees an arsenal of digital features aimed at making banking more seamless for personal loans, flight ticket purchases, all while using innovative banking solutions such as PayShap and Nedbanks Avo portal.

The latest campaign video explained.

Their latest campaign depicts the life of a family man who is always busy with work while they miss precious moments with their family. The protagonist is seen meditating on lost time with loved ones and moments lost due to his focus on work.

The message is simple, time is more valuable than money, so use it wisely. The campaign has officially been introduced and is expected to roll out in phases. First will be the Ads on TV, followed by 20-second product ads to motivate consumers to buy products.

This will be followed by outdoor and cinematic 30-second ads that are expected to maintain trust with audiences.

Their latest commercial is believable as it appeals to the South African conscience around the critical need to spend time more impactfully.

The digital solution

Digital solutions make sense when it comes to banking. These allow users 24 hours access to manage their finances, check account balances, and transfer funds all in the blink of an eye.

Features such as mobile wallets have allowed secure contactless payments at stores and transit systems using a smartphone.

These digital banking options eliminate the need to visit a physical branch for many everyday banking tasks, saving you time and effort. They empower you to manage your finances more efficiently and conveniently, allowing you to stay on top of your financial well-being with ease.

The idea is not new but the message from Nedbank appears to align perfectly with a new era of banking, the era of the digital solution that saves bankers time.

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