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All posts by Andy Walker: Editor

  • Apple launches iPhone 6S, 6S Plus with Apple A9, 12MP camera

    Apple has been rather busy today in San Francisco, launching devices and new software packages left, right and centre. But we’ve seen some rather intriguing and unexpected things too. Here’s the Apple launch event as it happens.

  • Alcatel OneTouch Fire E review: a tepid Firefox debut

    I imagine that it must be pretty difficult launching a brand spanking new operating system while the world's obsessed with iOS, Android and soon Windows 10. But some companies plough on regardless, and one of these is non-for-profit Mozilla. Its legendary Firefox name is now eponymous with its latest mobile operating system, an OS that will eventually find its way on tablets and smart TVs too. But that pales in comparison to its smartphone ambitions. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Huawei P8 review: metallic mastery

    Another day, another flagship phone review. They're getting tiresome now, aren't they? Especially since all manufacturers seem to be making devices that look a great deal like the iPhone 6. Huawei is next in line, and following its huge Huawei P8 launch in Johannesburg about two months ago, we got our dirty paws on the device for a few weeks. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Ware of the Week: Microsoft Arrow Launcher beta

    In our weekly series, Ware of the Week, we showcase our favourite organised lines of code from the world of mobile and desktop computing. In today’s edition, we look at an app that’s part of Microsoft’s new agnostic platform mantra — Arrow Launcher for Android. If you missed our previous Ware of the Week, catch it below. It’s a topsy-turvy world when Microsoft begins building apps for Android, and even more so when it’s an Android launcher at that, but it’s all part of the company’s new view of the technology world. Instead of throwing its products down consumers’ throats,...

  • Scott Dixon crowned IndyCar Champion: the motorsport roundup

    Fewer things are crueler than losing a World Championship on a tie breaker, but that's what happens occasionally in motorsport (and tennis). Think back to 2008, when Felipe Massa should've won the Formula 1 World Championship, only to be denied by Lewis Hamilton on the final corner of the final lap of the season. It was easily one of the most dramatic ends to any motorsport series season ever, and well, fits in perfectly this this weekend's IndyCar race at Sonoma. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Proline A933L tablet review: a basement Windows bargain

    Tablets are slowly becoming the jack of all trade devices we all thought they would. They've murdered netbooks and have made large laptops even more obsolete beyond the boardroom. And what's particularly interesting is the lack of bigger brands in this sector. Sure, Sony and Microsoft have tablets that can be transformed into ultrabooks, but in the South African market, these two companies aren't as prominent as a few others. Proline, one of Pinnacle Africa's local brands, definitely is. Read more on Gearburn.

  • AG Ghost review: you can do better for less

    Here’s the thing about the AG Ghost: as tempting as it is to review it as a R5000 phone, you just can’t. That’s not what it is. If you want to review it fairly, you have to review it as a R5000 package. Even with that in mind though, I can’t say it’d be high up on the list of devices I’d recommend to my friends and family. When seen as a comprehensive package, the Ghost simply isn’t good or different enough to really stand out from the competition. And, with a little effort, you could probably do better. Read more on...

  • Justin Wilson dies following Pocono shunt: the motorsport roundup

    It has been a difficult weekend in motorsport. Although the Belgian Grand Prix reignited the final phase of the Formula 1 season, in the IndyCar Series, a serious accident has put former Formula 1 driver for Minardi and Jaguar, Justin Wilson, in hospital. We provide a full update on the Brit's condition. Other motorsport series also competed this weekend, including the Formula E circus which took to Donington Park for a test session, while the FIA RallyCross troupe took to the undulating pastures of Hell, Norway. Read more on Motorburn.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Sammy proves it has no idea what it’s doing anymore

    At the turn of the decade, Samsung made a bold move of launching a large screened smartphone just at the world woke with a thirst for pixels. Brilliant idea. It beat Apple to it. Hell, it practically built the "phablet" sub-genre by hand and owned it for many years after that. Roll on to 2015 and practically every smartphone above the R1500 price range has a screen larger than 5.0-inches. Naturally, screens are getting bigger and processing power increases, networking technology more shrewd and consumers media appetite larger. Read more on Gearburn.

  • LG G4 review: old world charm, new world chic

    It's interesting to note the meteoric rise of some smartphone companies starting life at the very bottom of the market. OnePlus is probably the best example right now, considering that the OnePlus One is one of the best mid-range phones we've ever seen. But what about flagship devices? And more importantly, what about current established players? Apple is yet to make its move this year, but the iPhone 6 continues to lay waste its competition in terms of sales. Samsung is slowly clawing its way back into the spotlight with the Galaxy S6 while HTC has launched the tepid One...

  • 7 smartphones under R1000 you can buy right now

    Food is expensive. Internet connectivity is expensive. Life is expensive. Frankly, living in South Africa is pretty expensive. Luckily, your smartphone doesn't have to be. While we do love dropping obscenely large wads of cash every six months to purchase Sony's latest and greatest Xperia or Samsung's next Galaxy, there are other, much cheaper devices that can make calls, send messages and play the odd game every so often. These might be basement crawlers, but they're definitely not the bottom of the barrel. Read more on Gearburn.

  • 7 massive reveals from Microsoft’s Xbox Gamescom 2015 briefing

    For all related news, views and analysis from the heart of Cologne’s gaming epicenter, have a look at our Gamescom 2015 Hub here. Sifting through the good news for Microsoft's Xbox One customers is getting more and more difficult because frankly, the company keeps delivering humdinger after humdinger. Its Gamescom 2015 announcements were no exceptions either, with news regarding limited edition consoles, new hardware and exclusive titles all sharing stage time in Cologne. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Kyle Busch’s luck runs out, Kenseth wins: the weekend motorsport roundup

    We're heading into the backend of the season now with practically all motorsport series. And yes, let's call it crunch time. With Formula 1 taking a summer break, and Formula E taking its annual break, it's up to the rest of the Championships to make up for it. NASCAR Sprint Cup didn't disappoint this weekend, with Pocono playing host to the Windows 10 400. In middle America, the legendary Mid-Ohio circuit entertained the IndyCar Series. Read more on Motorburn.

  • Gamescom 2015 preview: livestream details, game reveals and more

    For all related news, views and analysis from the heart of Cologne's gaming epicenter, have a look at our Gamescom 2015 Hub here. It's safe to say that this year in gaming has been one of the most interesting for quite some time. Now that Sony and Microsoft's next-generation consoles can be referred to as "current-gen", and after Nvidia and AMD have revealed their new options in the graphics card market, things are slowly settling down. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Windows 10 first impressions: what Gearburn thinks of Microsoft’s new baby

    We may be soulless journalists, but that doesn’t mean a software release has no bearing on our lives. As a squad of Windows users (except for one or two in this office), we expect to receive the best user experience constantly. The operating system we use daily doesn’t only affect our productivity, but our sanity.