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All posts by Andy Walker: Editor

  • Instagram awards $10k to 10-year-old for not deleting Justin Bieber’s comments

    Parents of Nineties' children didn't enjoy them constantly starting at computer screens, but that's probably because not many of them were able to find security-threatening bugs in the code of one of the most popular apps in the world. A ten-year-old boy has done just that, and the app in question? Well, just that app Facebook bought for US$1-billion -- Instagram. Related: Instagram to ditch chronological feeds for algorithms After discovering the bug and reporting it to Facebook, the company rewarded the Finnish kid with US$10 000, which seems a bit slim considering what the bug could've meant for the likes of...

  • LG G5 review: jack of all trades, master of few

    It must be difficult for smartphone makers to innovate every single year, keeping pace with the changing trends and emerging technologies without sacrificing their own values or design philosophies. Apple is perhaps the only company that's kept its head consistently above water since 2009, but even the great fruit is running out of ideas. Just look at the iPhone SE if you need proof. Looking at the LG G5 though -- Korea's latest smartphone -- it's the total opposite. It's juggling too many ideas to stand out as a refined, considered product. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power review: colourful puzzling

    I've been through a load of "serious" games of late, which left me sweaty running from zombies, shooting things in the face while skydiving through space and time, and picking up as many radioactive coffee mugs as I can find. So when developer Frozenbyte decided to bring Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power to the PlayStation 4, I took damn good notice, and sighed at the thought of playing a light-hearted puzzler for a change. Read more on Gearburn.

  • MXGP2 review: I heard you like mud

    Some people enjoy playing polo on Sunday afternoons, while others fancy crackers and croquet on quiet country lawns. Others on the other hand, love face-diving into a puddle of mud after falling from a spluttering two wheeled demon. Yes, off-road motorcycling, motorcross, or MotoX, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that didn’t stop Milestone from developing MXGP2 — the “Official Motocross Video Game.” That subtitle really shows the acute target audience this game would normally attract, but Milestone hopes to catch a few casual gamers’ eyes too.

  • Chaos on Twitter, Cape Town Station as Metrorail trains delayed [update]

    It's not a good day to travel by train if you're in Cape Town, as Metrorail -- the city's commuter rail service -- has announced delays on all lines of up to an hour. Earlier today, the company also tweeted that no trains are leaving Cape Town Station -- effectively the heart of the city's commuter rail service -- ultimately rendering the service suspended. This didn't sit well with Twitter. Metrorail is currently involved in a workers' strike, with additional damages stemming from trains set alight at Cape Town and other stations this week. Regardless of the company's woes, its commuters on...

  • Here’s where you can get the iPhone SE in South Africa

    Today's a big day if you've been waiting for a small phone. The 4.0-inch iPhone SE will hit stores tomorrow, 15 April, and stores will undoubtedly be crammed with Apple fans just itching to touch its smooth metal face. But before we wax lyrical about Cupertino's latest handset, we round up the list of stockists where you can get hold of one and do it yourself. We'll be sure to regularly update this piece as more information is made available, and as more stores stock the device. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Kyle Busch wins yet another NASCAR Sprint Cup race: the motorsport roundup

    This week in motorsport saw Formula 1 making news, even though there was no event at all. Kyle Busch showed just why he won last season’s Sprint Cup championship. And MotoGP riders give lessons in how not to ride a bike at all (apart from Marquez). All this and more in this week’s motorsport roundup.

  • BlackBerry rolls out major BBM update, lets users ‘retract’ messages

    BlackBerry has announced that its instant messaging service BBM now includes a host of new privacy features for users on Android and iOS, allowing users to "take control over the messages and content that they share." Users can now 'retract' sent messages and images if they were sent by mistake. This also works if the message has already been sent, and the sender wishes to revoke access to said message. Other features include a new message timer, which allows users to "control how long contacts can view messages and pictures that have been shared or communicate their location for only as...

  • IKEA embraces virtual reality shopping with HTC Vive app

    IKEA isn't a company synonymous with bleeding-edge technology, but virtual reality and online retail seem to go very well together. At least judging by the company's latest move. In a bid to sell more online, the Swedish company has announced a virtual reality test app that features a "virtual kitchen experience," and effectively lets the shopper use products from the IKEA catalogue, build a kitchen and even change perspectives. IKEA explains that "consumers can use the app to explore one of three differently-styled kitchen room settings." "The user can change the color of cabinets and drawers with a click. Another feature is...

  • Nico Rosberg wins five races on the bounce: the motorsport roundup

    After the Easter weekend lull when almost no motorsport action was seen, the roar of engines — both petrol and electric — were heard once more. This week, we cover the second round of the Formula 1 Championship in Bahrain, and head out west for MotoGP, NASCAR Sprint Cup and Formula E. Lastly, the European season saw the WTCC roar into life, while the World Superbikes series was also seen running rings at Aragon.

  • BlackBerry PRIV review: steeped in potential, lacking in polish

    You might be wondering why on earth there’s a BlackBerry review on Gearburn in 2016, but rest assured, the clock hasn’t wound back ten years, nor is the company dead. In fact, it’s experiencing something of a mantra change. Last decade, the Canadian company was the one challenging Apple for the world smartphone hierarchy. It was selling more phones than Samsung, and it was doing a damn fine job in the process. But since then, the company has fallen from grace, so much so that in 2016, it has done the unthinkable: it has turned to Android.

  • AP Styleguide strips the ‘internet’ of its proper noun status

    The AP Stylebook -- an influential media style guide that shaped online writing styles the world over -- has announced on Twitter that it will no longer refer to the internet as a proper noun, using a lower case I instead. The change will come into effect when the 2016 version of the Stylebook launches, and also marks a change in the way the world sees the internet. As the internet grows, it becomes a more "decentralised", ubiquitous web of communication and information, Thus referring to it as a proper noun, or a single, defined entity, doesn't quite make sense. Oh, and...

  • ‘Jacob Zuma’ more popular than ‘April Fools Day’ on Google

    President Jacob Zuma tonight took to the Luthuli House podium to comment on the Constitutional Court's ruling regarding upgrades made to his Nkandla homestead. He declared his innocence, and claimed that he did not deliberately act against the Constitution. He also stated that he acknowledges and respects the Constitutional Court's ruling, which will require him to pay for some of these non-security upgrades. Ultimately however, it seems that general sentiment of the country -- at least on social media -- was that the President would resign tonight. That definitely didn't happen. Instead, there's another takeaway, at least for the data lovers...

  • 5 things entrepreneurs can learn from playing Fallout 4

    I know what you’re thinking: how on earth does a post-apocalyptic survival game have any lessons for those running a real-world startup, or maturing as an entrepreneur? To which I would reply, “plenty.” Fallout 4‘s a great game (if you’re interested in a review, Gearburn’s got your back), but it’s also a rather good teaching aid if you take the time to study it.

  • Tesla Model 3 heading to South Africa

    It’s a big day for Tesla and South African electric car fans, as the company announced that its mass-market Model 3 sedan is making its way to our shores. After the car was yesterday unveiled at a press event in the States, the company CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce the additional countries that will see the Model 3. One of which is South Africa.