Noodles repair everything in the internet’s latest, weirdest DIY meme

noodles fix everything reddit

People on the internet are oh so weird, but we can’t knock their resourcefulness. A slew of videos inundating the likes of Reddit are showcasing the versatility of ramen noodles.

They’re tasty, yes. But did you know you can also (probably) use these to fix basins, floors, and furniture?

It’s a new meme that has slowly been developing (it’s taken a lot more than two minutes) online, and no one is really sure where it originated.

KnowYourMeme believes the first appearance of the phenomenon online was on Reddit’s r/interestingasfuck. In the video, a brave DIYer uses ramen to repair a burn hole in a table.

Other videos on Reddit’s r/DiWHY demonstrates how you can easily fix a broken tiled floor, or repair an actual cracked enamel bathroom sink.

We need more posts like this from r/DiWHY

You can’t make this stuff up. Or maybe you can, so one Reddit user believes.

“If you watch closely, you can see that the “after” shots are the actual “before”. Before they burnt or smashed it, that is,” commented one user on the latest r/OOTL thread.

“It might — maybe — work, if they used epoxy instead of regular superglue, but even then the reconstruction of the surface color and texture isn‘t as trivial as it seems in the video.”

But hey, fake or not, they’re fun to watch. Just maybe keep these repair ideas as memes, okay, rather than consider them actual DIY advice.

Feature image: screenshot, u/sohramhamza via Reddit

Andy Walker, former editor


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