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All posts by Angelique Robbertse

Angelique Robbertse
Angelique is the product and marketing manager for Job Mail, an online career portal that has been connecting job seekers and employers since 1997. Job Mail, part of the Junk Mail Digital Media stable, enables job seekers to create online profiles, upload their CVs and apply for vacancies for free. It is the only career portal in South Africa offering free job advertising for recruitment agents and private advertisers. Job Mail offers online, mobile, print and social media exposure.
  • What Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn means for social recruitment

    The recent acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft has put social recruitment in the spotlight. The purchase, seen as a means for the software giant to get in on the social media boom, had many speculating what its plans are for LinkedIn. The acquisition gives Microsoft a business-orientated social networking tool and access to high net worth individuals. Add to this its current applications such as contacts and calendars in the cloud, and it opens the door for it to offer the social business community many more integrated tools. The partnership may also innovate the business of recruitment. Social recruitment, also referred...

  • Social recruitment: the next big trend in hiring for your business

    Social media, supplemented by news apps is the go-to place to find the latest news happenings, but it is also on these platforms where job seekers are finding out about available positions. Gone are the days of employers and recruiters advertising a position in print and online and being inundated by quality candidates. Recruiters now use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in addition to LinkedIn to find and engage with prospects, sometimes starting off with a very small pool of candidates meeting the criteria. What the water cooler of old was for office gossip, social media networking...

  • Generation Z goals: prepare for a job that doesn’t exist yet and meet a machine

    With the rise of robots, artificial intelligence and automation, today’s comfortable careers are no longer an option for jobseekers from Generation Z. The majority of learners attending school right now will one day work in jobs that do not currently exist. Members of this generation, born from the mid 1990s through to the 2010s have to develop new skills and need to be flexible to compete against robots and automated systems that are threatening traditional jobs. However, the future isn’t all that bleak for this generation. In fact, they can look forward to excelling in fields such as technology, science and...