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All posts by Arno Du Toit

Arno du Toit is the chief commercial officer at Mvelaphanda Group-backed Virtual Mobile Technologies. He helps companies mobilise their business services with VMT’s mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP), which enables them to launch enterprise-grade applications on all mobile platforms and technologies. By taking a device-agnostic approach, enterprises don’t need to make costly and potentially risky decisions about how they mobilise business services such ERP, CRM, VoIP, as well as financial services. Arno is a marketing management graduate with experience in both the financial services and technology sectors.
  • Five ways to decide if HTML5 is for you

    They say that the only certainties in life are tax and death. Nowadays there seems to be a third: you need to mobilise your business, or go out of business. But while this might be a certainty for many, what is less certain is how you go about this. Especially because it sometimes feels like you are getting conflicting, yet equally eloquent and passionate, advice about which path to take: native, HTML5, hybrid, and so on, and so on. HTML5 is the latest contender to enter the fray. This is the most recent iteration of the mark-up language that writes...