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All posts by Charlie Stewart

With over 20 years’ experience as a marketer in London and South Africa, Charlie is responsible for defining strategy and overseeing the implementation of digital marketing campaigns for Rogerwilco’s clients. Charlie grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and graduated from The University of St Andrews in 1992 with a Masters in Theology and Philosophy before embarking on a career in media relations where he advised companies ranging from Accenture to Tesco. He moved to South Africa in 2003 where he set up and exited a number of ventures with his current business partner, Jakes Redelinghuys. In 2008 the pair established TwoStroke Interactive, a digital marketing agency that specialised in web development and search engine optimisation. While continuing to focus on its core SEO and Drupal offering, the company rebranded to Rogerwilco in 2014 to reflect its growth into a more creative and strategic service provider. Its clients currently include The World Economic Forum, Sanlam, Tiger Brands and the Walt Disney Company. Rogerwilco has won a dozen awards for content marketing and SEO in the past couple of years. Charlie’s interest in results-oriented marketing led to him being invited to judge the Direct Marketing Association’s Assegai awards and has seen him become a regular conference speaker. In 2016 he co-authored Business to Business Marketing: A Step by Step Guide, published by Penguin Random House.
  • Chatbots: the $8-billion opportunity

    Chatbots have passed through the initial hype and are moving into the more practical, nitty-gritty phase of implementation. And with good reason. Juniper Research notes that through this type of automation, chatbots can bring about $8 billion worth of savings per annum by 2022, up from $20 million in 2017.    For newer generations, who has never known a world without the internet, being able to access chatbot-like assistance on any device is not just a nice-to-have but an absolute necessity. This is not only true for ecommerce platforms where we are currently seeing much of the chatbot...

  • Artificial intelligence: how is AI changing marketing?

    2017 is set to be the year of artificial intelligence (AI). With companies such as Amazon Web Services offering AI on tap -- including image recognition and natural language understanding -- an increasing number of machine learning powered services will be finding their way to the consumer. Those involved in marketing and retail might have already seen offerings filter through, with the following pointing the way the AI winds are blowing. Elementary, my dear In the world of AI, Watson is one of the best-known names out there. Built by IBM, this computer system is able to learn from massive amounts of...

  • How quality content can seal the B2B deal

    "Where do I sign?" It’s the question every organisation wants to hear and as often as possible. And they want to hear it a lot more than their competitors. It’s our job as marketers to encourage, assist and motivate customers to move through the buying cycle towards the moment where they ask The Ultimate Question, “Where do I sign?” To help answer it consider 1958’s infamous ad “The Man in the chair”. Commissioned by McGraw Hill, the business and trade magazine publisher was voted best B2B ad of the 20th Century by Ad Age.  Its tag line was: Sales start...

  • B2B marketing: time to catch a wake-up

    Scratch a bit on the surface of the current South African Business to Business (B2B) marketing landscape and it is easy to believe that you have found a portal into a pre-internet world. For many, B2B marketing still revolves around golf days, remembering to send a card on a client’s birthday, and making sure your ad is in the right trade publication. While these still have their place, the internet and the opportunities built around it has so dramatically changed the B2B marketing space that it might as well be seen as a different ballgame altogether. In fact, in this...

  • Drupal’s on the rise and South Africa needs to get onboard with that

    While there are numerous content management software (CMS) offerings out there, across the globe there is a tendency to stick with the big three open source frameworks when it comes to web development – Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Of these, Drupal gets the least love from South African developers. The relationship perhaps needs some reconsideration, especially since internationally, there is a strong move towards its use in larger, more demanding websites. The international upswing: Globally, the list of Drupal clients is increasing by the day, with news organisations (The Economist, Al Jazeera, Weather.com), the public sector (www.whitehouse.gov, London.gov.uk, World Economic...