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All posts by Cher Zavala

  • The shortage of cybersecurity workers: a boom for women and career changers?

    With news of more cybersecurity threats reported every day, it should come as no surprise that the cybersecurity job market is booming. Companies of all sizes, in all sectors, are desperate to hire people who can protect their valuable data and networks from hackers and other dangers. Consider some of these recent statistics: Currently, there are more than 200 000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the U.S., according to an analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Data. Cybersecurity job listings have increased 74% since 2011. Cisco reports that the number of cybersecurity job openings globally has topped 1 million,...

  • The future of internet security: some positives and negatives

    The Digital Age has ushered in a remarkable new era of work, play, travel, research, communication, all-around connectivity, banking, and more. From refrigerators that tell your smartphone when you need to buy milk to medical technology more advanced than much of our science fiction, every day seems to reveal yet another Brave New World, where the future is now. While much of the progress has been positive -- advanced prostheses, for example -- there have been plenty of negatives too: conflict minerals and the wars they've fueled, for example. Internet security is no exception, as the struggles to keep...

  • 5 ecommerce tips for the 21st Century artist

    Being an artist, whether you make music, pottery, or kinetic sculptures set inside elaborate dioramas, has almost always involved an uneasy courtship with the Almighty Dollar. Making work requires money and marketing that work to an audience does, too, but if an artist focuses too much on getting paid, she can lose the vision and drive she needs to make her art at all. Artists and musicians of yesteryear counted on patrons, gallery owners, and record labels to stay afloat, and while these options still exist, thanks to the Internet, they are by no means the only routes to...