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All posts by Christopher Mills

Christopher Mills
Christopher Mills is the founder and managing director of iMod Digital, a leading digital marketing agency specialising in inbound marketing, web development and digital campaigning. Over the years Christopher and his team have worked with a number of companies; some of the larger ones include Google, WebAfrica, TAKEALOT, Nokia and Mini Cooper. When he's not in the office you can find him behind his Macbook Pro working on his startup Serperture, or fly fishing on the banks of a river.
  • Google+ will get you more business than Facebook or Twitter: here’s how

    There’s a lot of debate around the value that Google+ has to offer businesses in comparison to Facebook and Twitter. After all, Facebook and Twitter have already captured the market and that’s where most people are, so the media make out. Because of this, it makes sense for businesses to invest time and money in these two social media platforms and potentially not the former. The problem with this scenario is that businesses are only looking at the number of users that the media hype up about these platforms and they’re not looking at a set of benefits...

  • The increasing importance of social signals in search

    Before a few months ago, search engine optimisation seemed rather cut and dry. Google, for the most part, used a combination of factors to determine where a website should rank. One such factor was links. Each link to a website carried a value and this value added value to the website being linked to. One might say that the more links to a website, the higher the website would rank. For the most part this was accurate, assuming that the links back to the website weren't from websites which had absolutely no value. There was always a lot more...

  • How to tell if your site should be concentrating on search or social

    Every day I'm asked the same questions. Do I need a Facebook page? Do I need a Twitter account? Do I need some kung-fu search engine optimisation skills? There is an ongoing misunderstanding around what it takes to get more traffic to your website, or let's say, more targeted traffic to your website, through the search engines. If your company sells fly fishing rods and you would like to become more visible in Google, then there are ways to determine whether you should focus more on social or search. The best part is that it's not too complicated,...