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All posts by Eduard Marais

Eduard Marais
Eduard is the CEO and Co-founder of Kwikweb, a South African born company that started out as a mobile business application but soon evolved into what it is today: a website publishing company. He's passionate about the ever changing environment of web design and publishing, and gets excited about optimising the software to stay abreast of trends - be it design, Google's ever changing search algorithms or providing clients with a full spectrum of plugins to suite all online business needs.
  • So you’ve managed to direct more traffic to your website. What now?

    With more than a million registered South African websites, it is hardly surprising that grabbing the attention of visitors looking for local content is a challenge. Here are a few tips to help keep your audience engaged with your site once they access it. 1. First impressions count When someone gets to your website, you have a split second to grab their attention. It is essential to have a core message that brings across what your value proposition is instantly. This proposition should be specific and unique. An example of this could be "We restore and sell old VW...