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All posts by Gareth Slaven

Gareth Slaven
Gareth Slaven in CEO of Ensight, a marketing automation platform that delivers relevant, personalised communications, on the platforms and devices your audiences prefer.
  • Is mobile marketing really still effective?

    Our fascination with the digital sphere, and its all-pervasive impact on our lives has seen us become engrossed with our cell phones. They have become a vital component to the way in which we go about our daily lives -- which also means that we’re constantly monitoring them in order to make sure we’re not missing out. Our dependence on our mobile phones has precipitated the surge of mobile marketing efforts. As with any marketing strategy, it’s a challenge for people to differentiate themselves through catchy, clever marketing campaigns in order to successfully engage their market. There are several ways...

  • Is there really a viable alternative to online marketing software?

    If you’re considering using online marketing software, but want to do some research about alternate ways of implementing your marketing campaigns, this article is for you. You’re probably aware of the ways in which online marketing software can enhance your digital campaigns. Not only does it enable you to track consumer behaviour, providing you with crucial data, it allows you to use this data and implement a digital strategy tailored accordingly. Whether you use a full suite of online marketing tools or a combination thereof, there’s no doubt that online marketing software is the smartest way to go about your...

  • 5 important ways your website impacts your online marketing efforts

    Most companies today do some form of emarketing, made up of: paid media (like Google Adwords and online banner advertising), search media, social media, email marketing and SMS campaigns. The one thing these various channels have in common? Content – which is all situated on your website, the heart of any emarketing campaign. 1. Your homepage is the glue that holds your emarketing strategies together As emarketing relies on various channels, this will see different sectors of your target market clicking on various links and banners to your content. Some of these “click-throughs” might result in people going to a specific landing...

  • 5 things content marketing can learn from Klout’s aggregation tool

    The infamous social media platform Klout recently announced that it has added content aggregation to its functionality. Users will now be able to create better content, upping their Klout score in the process. This follows in the steps of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, which scores content on its quality and relevancy. This recent development serves to strengthen the argument that content marketing is increasingly influencing brands’ approach to marketing. The fact that an industry heavyweight like Klout has altered its whole business model in order to take this into account, means that marketers everywhere should be sitting up and taking notes. In...

  • 5 things you need to know about the cost of not doing website maintenance

    Regular website maintenance is non-negotiable and should be an ongoing affair. Over and above adding new pages, your website maintenance should also link to the performance of your website; it’s imperative that you continuously maintain your site to ensure it’s performing at its optimum. The infographic below was created by Smartbear, a company that specialises in software testing. The infographic shows how small things like enhancing the page load speed can improve the revenue you can generate from your website. 1. Site loading speed is paramount Do you know how long your site takes to load? You may have initially factored...