Is there really a viable alternative to online marketing software?

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Digital marketing image

If you’re considering using online marketing software, but want to do some research about alternate ways of implementing your marketing campaigns, this article is for you.

You’re probably aware of the ways in which online marketing software can enhance your digital campaigns. Not only does it enable you to track consumer behaviour, providing you with crucial data, it allows you to use this data and implement a digital strategy tailored accordingly. Whether you use a full suite of online marketing tools or a combination thereof, there’s no doubt that online marketing software is the smartest way to go about your digital marketing.

So, what’s the alternative?

Unfortunately, the only other option available to you is to do everything manually.

Some may argue that individually managing, scheduling and implementing the various facets of your marketing campaigns is preferable, unfortunately, this isn’t the case at all. Opting to manually oversee all of your online marketing requires a vast amount of time, not to mention additional resources.

Manually managing your online campaigns means that you’ll need additional staff

Manning social media streams around the clock requires a dedicated team. Because social media operates across time zones, this means that several people will have to work day and night in order to ensure they don’t miss anything. Keep in mind that not only will you have to budget for their salaries, you’ll also have to take on all of the related costs that come with hiring additional staff such as office space rental, insurance, training fees, etc.

If you’re not using online marketing software, you’ll need to generate and export all reports manually, too

Attempting to collect and then collate vast amounts of data that are crucial to your marketing strategies’ success is an incredibly frustrating endeavour. Besides taking up a huge amount of time, there’s the risk that data will be distorted or lost.

Since online marketing campaigns need to be based on very specific information, it’s not advised that you attempt to do this. Not only will the time is takes to gather and store data greatly increase, so too will your expenditure as you factor in the salaries and accompanying costs associated with extra staff.

Manually managing your marketing requires people with a very specific skill set

Bear in mind that finding the right people for the job is another time-consuming process that you’ll need to consider. The nature of digital marketing is highly competitive, which means that you’ll need to hire staff who can compete with companies making use of online marketing software.

If you do manage to get this right, bear in mind the implications of hiring someone who turns out to be a “bad apple”. Labour law in a number of markets makes it incredibly difficult to fire someone, so while you’re dealing with drawn-out HR issues, your digital campaigns will be adversely affected.

Not only does online marketing software do the job of multiple people, it works out at a fraction of the price too

It’ll also broaden the reach of and thus the engagement of your brand, resulting in increased leads and eventually, ROI. After exploring the alternative, it’s pretty obvious that manually managing your online campaigns is a massive, expensive and laborious process.

Using online marketing software is a sure-fire way to guarantee that all of your digital campaigns are streamlined, optimised and ultimately, successful.



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