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All posts by George Kachmazov

George Kachmazov
George Kachmazov is the founder and managing partner of Tranio.com, an online overseas property start-up. He is a respected real estate and investment expert, and regularly contributes to print and online media with insight on real estate trends and advice for first-time investors.
  • 5 mega-trends that will soon revolutionize the real estate market

    The real estate market is on the verge of major transformations that will revolutionize how we do business. Climate change, ecommerce and a demographic explosion are building new horizons in real estate. The next few decades will usher in a new era where technology dominates business and lifestyle, creating a new impetus for stakeholders and investors to stay ahead of the curve if they don’t want to go extinct. Here are the five biggest trends that will reshape the industry over the coming decades. Generation geriatric Over half the world’s population will be over 60-years-old by 2030 according to UN. That 1.4-billion...