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All posts by Gillian Meier

Gillian is the CEO of of Blue Magnet Digital Solutions (Digital Marketing Training and Strategy Consultants). She has been working in the online industry for the past 12 years, having assumed the roles of Marketing Manager, Digital Strategist, Business Manager, SEO Specialist, eMarketing Consultant and Digital Media Trainer. Over the past 12 years, she has been instrumental in strategising and executing business models and digital marketing strategies across various industries, specifically within e-Commerce Marketplaces and e-Recruitment.
  • Google is still changing the way we do SEO and online PR

    Over the past six weeks Google has launched a number of attacks on SEO spammers resulting in harsh penalties for some, while those who have been following the straight and narrow over the past year have awaited these updates with much elation. Google Panda 4.1 forces Companies to invest in a solid content plan On 25 September 2014, Google announced the latest update to Google Panda -- an update designed to weed out thin and poor quality content, and reward those websites with high-quality engaging content. Google’s algorithm has been fine-tuned to apply more precision in identifying signals that define the...

  • Social media and the law: how your tweets can land you in trouble

    A recent insert on consumer affairs show Carte Blanche highlighted the seriousness of social media lawsuits that followed as a result of comments made by individuals on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The show featured a social media Law specialist, Emma Sadleir (an Associate at Webber Wentzel) who explained that whatever your publish on social media could land you in serious trouble. Sadleir explained that social media law is "the law that regulates any conversation that takes place over the internet, called user generated content" (UGC). She explained that the instant a person publishes information [including...

  • Why a recent Google update has the hotel industry up in arms

    There has been a lot of controversy around Google’s many updates – such as Google’s Hotel Finder -- that have significantly impacted the travel and hospitality industry over the past two years. Hotels are crying out against the latest Google Hotel Finder while travel agents seem to be enjoying the spotlight that their businesses are receiving. Comparison sites thrive If we look back a few years one can remember a time when shopping comparison sites used to thrive due to the prime spots that they held on Google’s natural search engine results pages (SERPs). For many years these comparison sites...

  • 10 practical must-do SEO tips for the non-SEO guru

    Search Engine Optimisers (SEO’s) know that search engines have a very complicated scientific algorithm that they use in order to determine which web pages will come up first on the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages). Google for instance, has over 250 different variables (each holding a different weight) that it uses to determine which pages should rank for certain search queries. As an SEO Trainer, I often get asked what the Google Algorithm (Formula) is. While I would love to be able to say that I know exactly what that formula is, this is Google’s secret sauce which is...

  • Do links from social media sites really hold any SEO value?

    In a recent article, I commented that “many SEO’s know that a link from a social media site holds substantial value insofar as the ranking score is concerned”. A guest commented that this statement was not necessarily true. I am not sure if he or she meant that it was not true that SEOs actually know that, or that it was not true that links from social media sites hold any Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) value. Either way, this comment led me to write this article where I will delve deeper into the details surrounding the perceived value of social...

  • The people who break Google: 15 deadly SEO sins

    There are a number of, what the industry calls, “black hat” SEO techniques that companies (and even some SEO Consultants) may be tempted to practice so that they can try to push their rankings for target keywords to the top of the Google search results. Unfortunately there are still those SEO firms who guarantee their clients number one position on the first page of Google for target keywords, or maybe in some instances they are a little more cautious and don’t quite guarantee number one, but insist that they can get the client’s web pages onto the first page within...