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All posts by Grant Fleming

Grant Fleming
Grant Fleming has held senior management positions at leading tech, mobile and ecommerce companies for over a decade. His current role is CEO of Leadify, a fully automated sales fulfilment channel that helps B2B and B2C brands and businesses turn internal IP into income. He is driving the further productisation and enhancement of this intelligent SMS and email platform to allow users to customise campaigns, control costs, performance and revenue and eliminate duplicates, overlaps, retargeting and bounce rates. Since launch in late 2015, Leadify has processed over 1 billion marketing messages. Originally developed for performance marketing company Olico’s internal use, the new platform was so successful that it has been made commercially available. Grant has been involved in digital technology and fintech for over 15 years. Before Leadify, Grant was the CTO of Fontera Digital Works, a full digital agency that specialises in Magento eCommerce, mobile and application development. He helped grow the company from two employees to over 50, providing boutique technology services to companies such as Edcon, Massmart, Cipla and Coricraft. Simultaneously while at Fontera, Grant was COO at Textstream Pty Ltd, a social network application development company that enjoyed significant success in Facebook app development.
  • Is artificial intelligence making the data analyst redundant?

    It is all too apparent that every industry is being radically impacted upon and even deeply disrupted by, digitalisation, while existing and familiar roles are being transformed, making way for new opportunities to emerge. One such role that is being challenged to prove its worth, is the analyst, in no small part due to Big Data, analytics, and the most exciting, cutting edge development at the moment, artificial intelligence. This convergence of forces begs the question: Are analysts no longer needed? Arguing in the affirmative is the fact that machines can process data at speeds that far surpass human capability, and...