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All posts by Howard Moodycliffe

Howard is an experienced global marketer and world traveller with wide-ranging experience in South Africa, Australia and the UK. He is currently the Head of Marketing and International for wiGroup, an industry leading platform provider specialising in Point-of-Sale integrated mobile transacting.
  • 10 factors that will drive mobile payment adoption into the mainstream

    South African consumers have been caught up in a whirl of excitement around mobile payment solutions with the launch of no fewer than three major players: FlickPay, Snapscan and Zapper. While each of the services offers something slightly different to consumers and merchants, their collective value in driving adoption of this new technology cannot be understated. Suddenly, every food stall, restaurant, coffee shop, farmers’ market and even our local doctor now proudly offer customers the opportunity to pay for goods and services with their mobile phones. Consumers are clearly enjoying this new, secure way of paying - just look at...

  • Are all QR codes created equal?

    The QR code has had a rocky road over the past two decades. Initially developed for the automotive industry in Japan in 1994, a QR code - or quick response code - is an optic label that contains information about the item to which it is attached, and can be read by machines. It has become widely popular outside its original intended use due to its fast readability. QR codes can also contain more information than the standard barcodes used on most products. In South Africa, QR codes have been heralded as the next great marketing tool, accused of...

  • South Africa’s cashless future relies on localisation, not innovation

    The recent article by Memeburn senior reporter Stuart Thomas titled ‘Don’t burn your wallet: why SA hasn’t reached its mobile, cashless future (yet)’ gave terrific insight into one of South Africa’s most exciting technology sectors. I would like to add to the discourse by providing some additional insight as a mobile transacting platform provider to our country’s largest retailers. Global context South Africa’s perceived ‘failure to launch’ in respect to mobile money needs to be put into a global context. In the latest MasterCard Mobile Payments Readiness Index, only four countries - Singapore, Canada, the US and Kenya - score...

  • Innovation trumps constraints: why retailers are ready for a mobile payment revolution

    Retailers and brands are standing on the verge of a veritable mobile payment revolution as mainstream interest and unprecedented ease-of-use drive adoption among consumers. Barriers to entry for retailers wishing to add mobile payment apps to their point-of-sale systems have also been lowered to the point that they are almost non-existent thanks to innovative new technology. While I agree with much of what a recent article on this site stated in terms of constraints associated with retailers wishing to enable mobile payments, there are some key points that were overlooked. How smart companies overcome constraints As companies such as Apple have shown,...