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All posts by Jan Kühn

Jan Kühn
Jan Kühn, Director of Solutions Management at INOVO, has over 30 years’ experience in delivering complex voice and contact centre solutions across various industries. His specialities include solutions management, development management, project management and operational management. He has delivered solutions to many of SA’s best-known brands, ensuring that their business strategy within the contact centre and customer experience are optimised, enhancing customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. His role is to partner with companies and provide business solutions that promote efficiency and profitability.
  • Gamification in the workplace: appeal to younger workforce and drive motivation

    A workplace development that’s gaining traction is the use of gamification as a means of monitoring and motivating workforce efficiency. Gaming principles in a non-gaming environment can alter how individuals, teams and managers interact with each other, and have some unusual applications, too. While gamification technology is very different to popular game Pokemon Go, the effect is just as interesting: motivating a primarily younger workforce likely to have grown up with console gaming by simulating a gaming environment at work so that they will relate to it. All across the US and other countries, millennials have surprised their communities by heading...

  • Here’s what your business needs to know about cross-generation communication

    Parents know what it’s like to lose track of their kids when it comes to communication. Children grow into a space influenced by the voices, technology and experiences around them; the only way to keep up with them is to keep listening and investigating what interests them. This principle applies to business, too. Businesses need to update their methods of communication when it comes to speaking to customers or risk losing them to a generational divide. Know your audience Different generations respond differently to media and other stimuli. Unlocking these communication channels aids businesses in ensuring the correct message is shared...