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All posts by Jenny Beswick

Jenny Beswick
Jenny is a graduate and during her degree in engineering and through her telegraph project management courses that she studied online she found digital and technology brought her education to life and easier to learn through video interaction. We look forward to hearing what has helped you in your education.
  • Making education interactive: tech, web and creative tips to engage students

    Technology is constantly redefining education, and not only does it provide teachers, parents, and students with a steady stream of new resources it also transforms the way our society stores, processes, and transmits information. Technologies change the way we think and play a key role in determining what we think about. As invention gives rise to new branches of knowledge, it drives education in new directions. Past innovations ranging from the codex to the internet have left indelible marks upon the academic world, and there can be no doubt future innovations will continue to alter the face of education...