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All posts by Ken Weiner

Ken Weiner is the chief technology officer of GumGum.
  • 5 amazing technologies that are yet to find their killer apps

    The history of innovation is essentially a love story. For any new technology to be embraced and find mainstream success, it first must find its soulmate, that one killer app that makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts, and eventually makes its existence seem as if it were always inevitable. Think of long-vaunted, and long-stalled, augmented reality (AR) and the overnight impact of Pokemon Go, though there are hundreds of examples -- from the marriage of smartphones and apps to the mix of greater data availability and better computing power that has given a huge boost to...

  • 4 technologies that are rapidly changing online search habits

    The traditional search via desktop browser has been on the decline since advent of the iPhone a decade ago. Currently, a typical mobile user might search via Google Maps, or the app versions of vertical services like Yelp, or through social networks of every stripe. The next generation of search will rely on far more complex and intelligent methods. This will change not only how consumers find, say, their way to your product, but also the way brands can connect with their presences online.  Here's a look at some of the ways that search technology is already evolving. Virtual assistants Google Now,...