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All posts by Larry Alton

Larry Alton
Larry is an independent business consultant specializing in tech, social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship
  • Remembering failures: 5 memes that companies wish didn’t exist

    Sometimes technology just goes wrong. These are many, many epic failures in the tech industry. It could be said that an epic fail happen every day in the Silicon Valley and around the world. As Thomas Edison famously said before inventing the light bulb, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Learning from mistakes is a critical step in moving forward and creating great products. But first, you have to get over your wounded pride. When things go wrong, what could be a better solution than to laugh? While that might not be easy for Pepsi or...

  • The one thing digital marketers don’t use enough

    There's a lot of room for interpretation in digital marketing, but there's one thing you absolutely cannot and should not leave out of your strategy: A/B split testing. A/B testing is the answer to all of your marketing woes and can quickly and effectively transform everything from content creation to web design. The Value of A/B Testing While you've certainly heard the term dozens of times, don't be ashamed if you find yourself asking, "What is A/B testing?". If you've never done split testing on your own, then you may be intimidated by the idea. However, with the right tools and understanding the...

  • Google Trips: how does it fare against its competition?

    When Google Trips launched in September to little fanfare we covered it here at Memeburn, noting that it arrives as a big upgrade to their previous app, Google Now. But things have been oddly silent in the media since the launch. If you missed our original article, then, it’s entirely possible that Google Trips has slipped beneath your radar, leaving you wondering what this whole thing even is. You certainly wouldn’t be alone in your confusion. Compared to the fanfare that accompanied the launch of Google+, Google Trips, which culls information from your emails to help assemble trip itineraries, didn’t receive...

  • 3 ways virtual reality will become a major part of our future

    Different types of virtual reality have been around for years, but there’s been a recent push, which began just a few years ago. At first, it was laughed at. Google Glass, the eyewear that acted as a computer and could project images right in front of you, was almost wholly rejected by techies, and there are countless other gadgets with a similar story. But recently, things have changed. More people are excited about the approach of Oculus Rift, and programs like Pokemon Go show everyday users that virtual reality may have a prominent place someday. All in all, VR has...

  • Wake up: 5 tips for networking in the modern age

    Whether you’re just starting your career, or you’re a successful professional with years of experience, networking plays a critically important role in personal growth and business success. Unfortunately though, many people are making the mistake of either ignoring networking altogether, or using outdated techniques and practices. 5 tips for networking in the modern age Over the past 10 years, networking has changed significantly. No longer does it simply involve attending formal conferences and having lunch with prospective customers. In 2016 and beyond, modern networking takes a much more technological and progressive approach Here are a few tips we think you may find...

  • YouTube Live: 4 ways businesses can use Google’s streaming app

    Faced with stiff competition from Facebook, Twitter, and a handful of upstarts, Google-owned YouTube has announced it will be adding a live mobile streaming option to its own native app. This is according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and other company officials. Introducing YouTube Live: Google's mobile streaming app Over the past 15-odd months, such platforms as Periscope, Facebook Live, and Meerkat have risen from obscurity and quickly become some of the hottest social networking platforms on the internet. And though YouTube has had live streaming features on its desktop platform for years, the company has been noticeably absent in terms...

  • 5 debunked myths about selling and marketing on social media

    When marketers think about social media, they mostly regard it as a top-of-the-funnel tool. Specifically, it’s an avenue for communication that’s best used to identify and filter unqualified leads. This is not an unreasonable characterization; social media is a great tool for starting off the conversion funnel. But who’s to say it can’t also be employed as a bottom-of-the-funnel sales tool as well? Social media marketing myths, debunked Many marketing professionals haven’t yet recognized what an effective sales tool social media can be. Part of the reason this is not more generally known is that, everywhere you look, people repeat common myths...