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All posts by Marco Broccardo

Marco Broccardo
Marco Broccardo is the CEO and founder of COLONYLive, a leading international radio analytics platform. With a brand-new global product that is currently growing in market share in the U.S, this Telecoms entrepreneur is making it easier for radio stations to engage with and know their consumers. At 38 years old, Marco Broccardo, has grown several tech businesses from the ground up, written a novel now going its second edition and has now recently relocated to Austin, Texas to pursue the growth of his tech product, COLONYLive in global markets. Marco began COLONYLive in 2015 and recently launched the platform successfully in the United States. His advanced messaging system, designed for radio and TV, is able to aggregate messages from multiple channels into a single customisable dashboard. COLONYLive is a pivot from a tried and tested messaging engine used by most commercial radio stations since 2006 and was the first service of its kind to market. The platform aggregates text message, email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, We Chat and What’s App into the message board to streamline all communication received from listeners, at the same as tracking and analysing their data; providing invaluable insights to the radio stations. Similarly, Marco noticed a gap in market in the U.S where no radio analytics platform was used and decided to explore COLONYLive with instant interest from local stations. COLONYLive officially launched in Texas in 2018. Marco is a passionate leader who has successfully built and piloted three companies from conception. Excitingly, COLONYLIve are finalists in the 2018 FNB Innovation awards. Marco himself is the recipient of several others: In 2010 he won the Top Young Entrepreneur Award at the 8th Annual African Access National Business Awards. In 2011 he was nominated as one of the Mail & Guardians Top 200 Young South Africans. 2014 saw Marco named as one of Destiny Man’s Young Lions: New Age CEO’s. The same year he published his autobiography “ROCKS: One Man’s Climb from Drugs to Dreams”. Marco is a dedicated mountaineer who has summited three of the peaks that form part of the renowned Seven Summit Challenge namely Kilimanjaro (2010), Kosciuszko (2011) and Aconcagua (2016). He was even part of the three man team to set a world record by crossing the empty quarter. In 2009, he started a Non-Profit Organisation called Mountain Heights. Over the past seven years, the NPO has spent over R1 Million in rehabilitation fees for addicts who have approached the organisation for assistance.
  • How machine learning will revive radio in South Africa and beyond

    Over the past decade, the dazzling rise of digitally-driven technologies has had a profound effect on almost every industry. Within the broad sphere of media and advertising, new technology has been hailed as both hero and villain. Print media, for example, has faced a catastrophic decline in readership as audiences turn to online platforms. Similarly, broadcast media has been challenged to find growth in advertising revenue as digital platforms become more widely used. One of the oldest and most beloved of media platforms -- radio -- has also been under threat. Yet in the case of radio, and more specifically, radio...