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All posts by Murray Walker

  • Are we ready for live virtual entertainment?

    There are vast possibilities for virtual reality. In the near future we’ll see a focus on gaming and novel digital experiences. We’ll also see more and more 360 degree video. But in a few years, we’ll be able to experience live events as if we were there. Imagine the possibilities of tapping into a music concert, a public lecture, a sports event and actually sit in a seat and see real people in true 3D all around you. You’ll hear the guy behind you swear at the referee, and you can turn to glare at him anonymously. You’ll see the...

  • Gaming in VR: where we’re at right now

    If you’re a gamer then you’re no doubt salivating about the prospect of playing games in Virtual Reality (VR). No longer will you have to sit ‘outside’ the game, pressing coloured buttons on a controller, watching your exploits on a flat screen. With VR you’re inside the game, naturally reacting to and interacting with objects and environments. No longer will you merely play the hero, you’ll be the hero. But we’re still in the early stages of VR gaming and VR tech and we’re still figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Here are the good, the bad and...