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All posts by Paul DeJoe

Paul doesn’t like to talk about his accomplishments much which is a really good thing for him. He has some fake teeth from playing pro hockey, grew up in “Murder Town USA”, and thought HTML 5 was a nerf gun, so naturally, he co-founded a software company. Paul has no discernible skill set, so he stockpiles Master’s degrees in business and accounting to compensate. Paul’s favorite author is Charles Barkley and refuses to believe that Tal was born in Cleveland and is not an Albanian immigrant.
  • What does running a startup feel like?

    Someone recently asked what it felt like to run a startup. It's an interesting question, because you constantly get peppered with advice on how to choose your partners, what sins to avoid committing, and what events to go to but never get told how you'll feel. It's not an easy subject to tackle with any brevity -- emotions are, after all, complex -- but I've given it my best shot. First off, it's very tough to sleep most nights of the week. Weekends don't mean anything to you anymore. Closing a round of financing is not a relief. It...