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All posts by Pippa Tshabalala

Pippa Tshabalala is the former presenter of The Verge, South Africa's first locally produced TV show on videogames. She has a passion for all things gaming and tech related as well as a growing collection of tattoos. Based in Jo'burg, she is currently the On-Air Producer for MTV Base and a 2013 Brand Ambassador for Adidas South Africa.
  • Slated for stardom: Gearburn’s top 6 tablets for Christmas 2014

    We use them for entertainment, for business, for pretty much everything and during the festive period, chances are they'll be one of the top tech stocking fillers this year. Although devices like the iPad are often foremost in our minds, it is certainly not the only way to go when it comes to tablets. There are plenty of devices out there that offer an experience equally as good. Read more on Gearburn.

  • PlayStation TV review-in-brief: should you buy it?

    There's quite a bit of movement in the connected TV space, and console makers are zoning in on this phenomenon. Consoles are becoming the centre of the living room and as a result, home entertainment too. So those consoles that can stretch their non-gaming legs invariably trump those that don't. I'm talking about the Xbox One here, but Sony has launched something interesting for its PlayStation range that seems to get one over on its Microsoft rival -- the PlayStation TV, or PSTV for short. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Beyond gameplay: 10 video game cinematics that’ll give you chills

    There is nothing quite like sitting down to play a game and being greeted by the most beautiful and epic cinematic sequence. One of my earliest memories of these are the Warcraft cutscenes, specifically Warcraft III, which was one of the standards held up as the pinnacle of awesome animation in my 3D Animation course at the time. Of course since then, epic cutscenes à la Warcraft have become a staple, and if there are no amazing cutscenes that hold you in suspense, have you sitting on the edge of your seat, well then, your game better have something amazing...

  • Altech Node review: spades of potential in a little black box

    If you're a television consumer at all, you'll have seen adverts for the new Altech Node. You may even be considering getting one. In a nutshell, it's a set-top box which plugs into your TV and gives you access to a multitude of interactive content and a variety of video on demand (or VoD) such as movies and television series. If you already have DStv and therefore a satellite dish, it's a pretty simply matter of connecting your satellite cable to your Node. Since they both point at the same satellite (Intelsat-20) you can run both your DStv and Node...

  • Round 1, fight: our top 10 MAME fighting games of all time

    Depending on your gaming preferences you will either feel a slight chill of excitement when hearing the word MAME or perhaps you’ll be wrinkling your brow in confusion. My personal proclivities tend towards the former, as I have a deep and abiding love for retro games. There are times when I love nothing more than firing up an emulator and playing a game from my childhood. Yup, we’re talking old school Eighties and Nineties games played on an emulator or Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME). The emulator was first released in 1997, but it now supports over seven thousand games. Read more...

  • Battlefield vs Call of Duty: and the victory goes to…

    In much the same way as we see a yearly iteration of most sports games, we also see regular releases of Call of Duty and Battlefield. Because they are of a similar nature, quite naturally there is a certain amount of rivalry between the two, and an associated fanaticism that accompanies its release. Call of Duty is a shooter characterised by a history of memorable characters and single player campaigns, as well as fun and addictive multiplayer gameplay. Read more on Gearburn.

  • 9 useless gadgets for the permanently lazy

    Modern society has made us infinitely lazy. Yes I said it. There’s nothing wrong with making our lives a little easier but some things should just never have been invented. For instance, how lazy can you get to not even be bothered to stir something in a pot? So how inane are the gadgets out there? More specifically, if you own one of the gadgets below then answer this question: has it really improved your life and do you feel more fulfilled as a result? Or, do you just feel slightly ashamed that you couldn’t be bothered to use...

  • 23.6″ AOC 72 Series Multi-touch Monitor review: more gimmicky than good

    I have a love/hate relationship with touchscreen monitors. I have a touchscreen, all-in-one computer at home that works incredibly well for my son, because it's easy for him to navigate, but I don’t think I've ever used the touchscreen capabilities myself. Well maybe once, but I prefer the feel of a mouse and keyboard as a general rule. The R5999 23.6" AOC 72 Series Multi-Touch Monitor on the other hand, connects to an ordinary computer or laptop, providing touchscreen functionality to pretty much anything. It's a 10-point multi-touch monitor that works best with operating systems like Windows 8, which was...

  • AOC 29″ UltraWide Monitor Review: wide, beautiful but expensive

    The Philips 29" P-Line monitor spoiled me in terms of the ultra widescreen experience, so I was delighted to be offered the chance to review a competitive model, the 29" AOC Q2963PM UltraWide. I had only vaguely heard of AOC to be honest, and had never used any of their products, so the opportunity to explore yet another brand I hadn't much experience with was a welcome one. You wouldn't think you would need something as big as a 21:9 widescreen until you've actually used one. While there is still a certain appeal to a dual monitor setup (especially for people...

  • Don’t get mad: here are 5 timed Xbox One and PS4 exclusives

    We all know by now the furore that was raised when it was announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider would be a timed Xbox One exclusive. Playstation gamers everywhere were up in arms at the thought. Console exclusivity is hardly a new thing however, and we saw loads of them on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The fact that Rise of the Tomb Raider is being announced as a timed exclusive and not a console exclusive title at least gives PS4 owners a carrot to salivate over. Read more on Gearburn.

  • 14 of the most spectacular gaming tattoos you’ll find online today

    Those of us who are gamers know what it’s like to be a super fan of a certain game, and if you’re like me (occupying the space of both gamer and tattoo addict), you’ll have considered a gaming tattoo at some point in your life. For the record, I don’t have any gaming tattoos, mainly because I haven’t yet found a game that remains such a firm favourite that I would consider having it forever etched into my skin. There are however, plenty of other people who have taken that plunge and as such, I scoured the interwebz for the best...

  • Games without borders: 9 heroes who break the ‘gruff white guy’ mould

    Ah, diversity. That often neglected, yet all important topic that is jumping to the forefront of many a gaming argument these days. Following the recent E3 2014 showcase, it was incredibly obvious that many game developers still don’t get it. Oh what’s that Ubisoft? It was just too hard to include a female assassin in Assassins Creed: Unity? Yes, you’re right, we’re mysterious creatures that require years of research before we could possibly be included in any video game (especially since you've included a female character before). Read more on Gearburn.

  • Philips E-line and P-line monitor review: widescreen gaming wonders

    Interestingly, I’ve never given much thought towards purchasing a Philips monitor. Not because I wasn’t aware of the fact that they made them, but because I normally tend to go for brands that I have experience with, and which I know give me good quality and performance. Samsung, Acer and Sony are my go-to brands and while I know that there are other monitors, I've just never given them the time of day. Luckily, I was given the chance to review not one, but two Philips widescreen monitors. Being able to keep them for a month also gave me a...

  • 5 open world games we’re dying to play

    Have you noticed? Open world is all the rage these days. The increased number of open world games in development seems to have sky-rocketed, but making something open world doesn't automatically guarantee sales, nor does it mean that gamers will necessarily want to spend hours roaming around a world in an imitation of real-life. In fact, some gamers will refuse to buy a game simply because it is open world as they prefer a more linear, guided experience. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Murdered: Soul Suspect review | one foot in the grave

    I had high hopes for Murdered: Soul Suspect when I saw the original trailers and gameplay demos -- it was what appeared to be a cross between a ghost story and an old school detective novel. A ghost detective bent on discovering the identity of his own murderer, who wouldn't love that idea? Unfortunately Murdered: Soul Suspect doesn’t quite live up to the fantasy. What could have been an intriguing and complex tale of murder coupled with the tragedy of dying with unfinished business instead turns into a predictable and somewhat stale piece of gameplay. Read more on Gearburn.