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All posts by Richard Hardiman

Richard Hardiman is a natural, blessed with the gift of the gab and good looks made him one of South Africa’s most sought after radio DJs and MCs, whose talents extend to stand-up comedy, voice-over and scriptwriting! After 15 years in with one foot in the world of the internet gambling industry and the other in the world of commercial radio, Richard attempted to make his life uncomfortable. Betting on Online Radio as a new content platform in SA, Richard got behind 2OV.fm, partnering with the author of “the vibe”, Seth Rotherham founder award-winning blog-turn-news site, 2OceansVibe.com In 2 years the station has established itself as the leading digital brand in its field and now boasts studios in Cape Town and Johannesburg and an average listenership of 35 000 an hour and growing.
  • Forget the ‘likes’: the best social campaigns are smaller, engaged

    I was sitting in a strategy meeting the other day of a company that was scoping out media and platforms for its below the line spend. In the meeting, the brand manager repeatedly reinforced his wish for a greater number of "likes" on the brand's Facebook page. The CEO heard that was the "new big thing", so that was the directive. To be fair the brand guy didn't agree with it, but he also hadn't pushed back. So "get more likes" was the challenge put forward. It's not the first time I have seen nor heard this request from...

  • The future of radio is online, device-driven and in your car

    A recent survey in the US by TargetSpot, a digtal audio network, found an increase in tablet ownership of nearly 87%, combined with a smartphone take-up increase of 22%. As the world fast grabs hold of new devices to make their lives more connected, so our ways of delivering and receiving everyday content is being reshaped. Radio is but one of these everyday concepts that are being delivered in a new and fresh way. It's a concept that is rapidly changing though, particularly in emerging markets like South Africa. Let me ask you a question. When did you last hear...