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All posts by Rick Delgado

Rick Delgado
Rick Delgado is a technology and business commentator and writer. He specializes in enterprise technology and emerging markets.
  • Are you vetting Internet of Things platforms? Your competitors might be

    As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand in size and influence, many businesses are seeking to harness its potential to innovate and boost revenue. To do so requires connecting all these different types of devices, systems, and more through one unified platform. Indeed, IoT platforms represent a growing market, one which is expected to reach US$1.6-billion by the beginning of the next decade. Despite the growth of the Internet of Things and the need to use an IoT platform, many organizations are not responding to the trend. IoT platforms are often overlooked. Perhaps it comes from a general misunderstanding...

  • Let’s talk about big data’s big discrimination problem

    Big data might have a bit of a problem on its hands. This may come as distressing to some since big data is often looked at as the big problem solver. Many businesses and organizations have looked to big data analytics to tackle problems they come across, helping them to improve over time. While big data can certainly be helpful in the solutions it provides, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Far from it, in fact, and as people become more familiar with it, they’re also coming across some possible limitations in what it can do. Even more worrisome are the...

  • Apple vs. Google: enter the mobile machine learning race

    The competition between the biggest tech companies in the world is no doubt an intense one. Just take the heated battles over cloud computing dominance as an example. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google want to be at the top of the mountain and are trying to do so with cutting edge technological advances and better deals for consumers. The same can be said of the mobile device race. We’ve already seen how Apple, Google, and others are trying to one-up each other with better devices showcasing revolutionary new features. One particular feature happens to be a major focus for both...

  • Here’s how big data is being used to fix traffic congestion

    Big data is used for a lot of things. Most of the time, the focus is on what big data analytics can do for businesses, helping them improve sales, reach more customers, and create more efficient operations. In fact, big data is often used for the sake of greater efficiency, so the idea of using it for more efficient traffic flow hasn’t been lost on data scientists. Researchers have spent years looking at various ways to make traffic flow more smoothly. This has become especially important as major metropolitan areas continue to grow and the number of vehicles on...

  • Does Snapchat’s future lie in customer service?

    For years now, businesses have understood the potential that lies in social media. What started out as a convenient way to stay in contact with friends and family has quickly transformed into a potent tool for businesses of all types. Many companies have used their various social media channels to reach out to new customers, promote their products, and make special announcements. Every time a new social media option comes along, businesses have been quick to come up with ways to use it to their advantage. This is true of nearly all companies, whether it’s a hotel chain, big...