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All posts by Rick Vanover

Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover (MVP, vExpert, MCITP, VCP, Cisco Champion) is director, technical product marketing and evangelism at Veeam and based in Columbus, Ohio. Rick is a popular blogger, podcaster and active member of the virtualisation community. Rick's IT experience includes system administration and IT management; with virtualisation being the central theme of his career recently.
  • Balancing security and availability: the key to managing the ICT divide

    The introduction of the always-on enterprise has seen many decision-makers needing to juggle their data availability demands with effective ICT security policies. These two elements need not be at odds. Being connected has become a business necessity. South African organisations are no longer just competing against one another -- they are competing with global ones as well. Thanks to the digital world, customers have a plethora of choices available to them for products and services that meet their needs and budgets. This round-the-clock cycle means availability of information is of critical importance. Part of this always-on revolution has been the growing...

  • Cyber security, protecting data backups should go hand in hand

    In the always-on enterprise, cyber security is an ongoing concern. More importantly, it has evolved to become not just a threat to desktop computers but the modern data centre as well. This should not come as a surprise. Given the amount of data companies have come to rely on, a data centre provides an attractive target for malicious users. And while many threats come from external sources, disgruntled employees leaving the organisation can never be discounted. An organisation has to contend with a large surface area when it comes to effective cyber security implementation. And while implementing a traffic light system...

  • Digital entrepreneurs need to embrace data

    In the digital world, a new breed of entrepreneur has been created – one that is able to capitalise on an Always-On environment. This entrepreneur has grown up as part of the connected generation, and this is reflected in the way that their start-ups are born and operate. For them, using technology is not something that is forced but rather a component that is completely integrated in all aspects of their lives. It is therefore completely natural for their start-ups to be digital first. As such, access to data needs to happen around the clock. Data has become the bedrock on...