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All posts by Ross Sibbald

Ross Sibbald
Ross Sibbald is the Executive Head of Striata Marketing Solutions.
  • Don’t just read about these email marketing trends, implement them

    Every year, trends pieces erupt like mushrooms across the internet, informing readers with everything from what clothes to buy to what wall colours they should choose for their businesses. Every facet of our lives, it seems, is driven by trends -- and email marketing is no exception. Unfortunately, however, far too many of us read these trends pieces, get excited, share them on social media, and then just keep doing things the way we always have. A part of the problem is that a lot of these pieces talk about trends that will be a big deal in the...

  • Bad data is harming your email marketing efforts: here’s how to fix it

    Anyone who’s spent any time around the marketing space knows how valuable data is. It’s no accident that the value of data is frequently compared to that of oil. Like oil, data’s real value lies in the way you use it. And just like the wrong kind of oil can damage your car’s engine, bad data can seriously harm your marketing efforts. This is especially true for email marketing, which is a vital part of the toolkit that enables organisations to speak directly to their customers. Bad data can impact everything -- from how many people see the messaging you send...