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Sandton Python
After escaping from their Joburg home in 2011, the Sandton Pythons became a press sensation. Gabbana took to Twitter and is the voice of the pair, while Dolce sits around all day and admits to being lazy and shallow. The two are considering a career as social media consultants.
  • 6 tips for famous tweeting animals: a tribute to Solly the hippo

    Over the past few days, the story of a hippo trapped in a pool had people in South Africa captivated. As is the case with many newsworthy animals nowadays, "the hippo" (christened Solly) started tweeting about what he was going to do once he got out of the pool. Unfortunately rescue workers were not able to save Solly, who died today. Word is that he will continue tweeting in ghost form. In a bid to give him -- and any other animal -- the best start possible, the Sandton Pythons (who escaped from their Johannesburg homes in early 2012...