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All posts by Stergios Saltas

Stergios Saltas
Stergios Saltas is the Managing Director of Striata SA. With 14 years’ experience in the ICT industry, Saltas is responsible for guiding the strategic direction and daily operations of the African business and serves as a member of the Board of Directors. During his career at Striata, Saltas has fulfilled a wide range of roles ‒ most recently, Director of Operations, where he oversaw the management and delivery of Striata’s messaging solutions. Saltas is dedicated to understanding client needs and executing solutions with precision, ensuring that Striata products meet the highest standards of quality and functionality while promoting the wellbeing of Striata’s valuable resources.
  • Everything you should include in your data breach response plan

    Even with all the defences in the world at its disposal, no organisation can guarantee that it won’t fall victim to a data breach. With new threats emerging all the time, it’s simply not possible to say you are 100% safe. It’s therefore imperative that your organisation has a solid data breach response plan. Not only does a well-practised and executed response plan minimise the fallout from a breach in terms of your organisation’s reputation, it also drastically reduces the eventual cost of the breach. According to data from IBM and the Ponemon Institute the average cost of a breach in...

  • Telecommunications companies are primed for digital reinvention

    While no industry is immune to digital transformation, telecommunications has long been viewed as a sector that would, and will continue to, experience massive disruption. After the initial decades of dizzying growth and exponential profits, network operators and downstream providers must reinvent their core business to capture a larger slice of today’s digital consumer lifestyle. In the African context, the situation is especially fluid, with new players and technologies threatening the old order. For both disruptive upstarts and established network operators, staying competitive in this environment means taking a digital-first approach. Underlining the importance of this approach is a Gartner prediction that digital...