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Suede is a Strategic Entertainment Consultant who interacts and partners with international brands, entertainers and thought leaders from the Black Eyed Peas to Ben Sherman, Lalla Hirayama, Standard Bank, Dream Hampton, Crosstrainer, The Cheese Kids and OkayPlayerAfrica. Follow him on Twitter: @iamsuede
  • Finding your unique voice on Twitter

    Twitter is an acquired taste. If Facebook is checkers, then Twitter is chess. It's the VIP room to MySpace's open house party, the platform with almost direct access to celebrity's biggest and brightest entertainers, to politicians, brands and thought leaders, it's undoubtedly the juggernaut driving today's social media. And I do mean, literally, "today's". There's probably another platform on the rise in some kids dorm room as I type this --TwitMySquareFace -- or something of the ilk. But, right now, if you want to sit at the cool kid's table and not be the elephant in the room, then...