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All posts by Terri-Lee Adendorff

Terri-Lee Adendorff
Terri-Lee Adendorff believes that people who use the internet should be more intelligent - she wants to contribute to this initiative in any way that she can.
  • Lessons from Reeva Steenkamp: how social is changing the way we grieve

    Reeva Steenkamp’s death is an absolute tragedy, and that can never be minimised. No matter what the outcome of the complex trial that is unfolding, the international public has united in mutual sympathy and compassion for the Steenkamp family, with condolences and kind words overtaking the public spaces created to honour the memory of a young and talented woman. The purpose of this piece is not to judge the trial or the situation, but to engage in a commentary about the effect that social media has had on bereavement as a whole. These new online spaces dedicated to Steenkamp...

  • Manti Te’o and the elusive catfish — social media’s new piranha

    By now, you’ve read about the Manti T’eo scandal. No? It’s a pretty hard story to summarise, because it’s crazier than a box full of angry snakes. Basically, a promising young college football player, Manti T’eo, fell in love online, with a perfect woman named Lennay Kekua. They spoke for hours over the phone, he chatted to her parents and siblings over email, and theirs was a truly modern romance. Tragically, Lennay Kekua died, on the same day that Manti’s grandmother passed away. After suffering these two devastating losses, Manti played an excellent game, and this young star captured...

  • How to deal with angry customers online

    Running the social media sector of a business can be a nasty experience. Increasingly, customers are taking to a brand or business’ page or profile to let off some serious steam – but it’s not the legitimate complaints about service or quality that are particularly striking. No, it is the absolute spite, vitriol, crass language and ad hominem attacks that the social media customer delivers that are most interesting. Customers take advantage of the mediated anonymity that social media platforms provide to really let loose on the poor soul on the other side of the screen. It’s easy to...

  • Social media: the new gold star for the report card of our lives

    Remember those pads of gold star stickers in primary school? Every time you did something good, your teacher would come and slap one onto your forehead, and for the rest of the day, you were king. With that gold star on your head, you were showing everyone in the world that you had done something truly exceptional. Playground gatherings would part before you. You, the champion. It was a pretty awesome feeling. Social media has become the new gold star. Recent studies have shown that talking about yourself on social media platforms activates the brain’s rewards centres, in much...

  • 5 simple steps for making your blog posts kick ass

    Blogs are lame, right? Everyone on earth has had a blog before. At one point your auntie from the sticks had a blog. Except it was just a Word document that she had been typing in and she kept referring to it as a “blob”. Anyway, the point is, you feel like you shouldn't start a blog because it has been done before. But, if you chose not to do things just because people on the internet said it was lame, or had done it before, you would never get anything done. Here are five ways to make sure...

  • Social media: we’re not mad, just disappointed

    Social media held such promise. On these platforms, we could create and share content instantly. We could connect on unprecedented levels, entirely breaking down the conventional, lateral flow of information that once held sway. Micro-blogging platforms meant there was no longer a production hierarchy. Content was being made for people by other people, not just by men in suits with overly-gelled quaffs. It was going to be so amazing. But now, all we get is pictures of people we didn’t even like in high school, taken on their iPhone with their arm stretched out. Pictures of some guy you...