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All posts by Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop spearheaded Prezence Digital UK’s expansion into South Africa in 2002 and is currently the company’s CTO. With more than 18 years in the online and mobile industry, his focus is 'mobile for the masses' and he has been instrumental in high profile mobile web and application developments, brand strategy and enhanced user experiences throughout Africa. He does not call himself an Entrepreneur (but his Mum does).
  • (E)commerce: 5 ways the future of consumer retail is already here

    The next generation of shopping experiences is not an abstract idea - it is here. Customers are ready. They’re increasingly tech-savvy, they’re demanding personalised experiences and the world at their fingertips. Retailers still thinking that (E)commerce is separate from physical business are getting left behind. There is no longer a separate channel, ‘bricks-and-mortar’ versus ecommerce divide when customers are online all of the time. 1. (E)commerce is not a disconnected business entity South African (E)commerce as a percentage of total sales is still tiny: only about 0.8% or R4-billion in 2014, according to World Wide Worx. Many corporate leaders could look...

  • 10 tips to ensure your smartphone is smart about protecting your data

    Who’d have thought 10 years ago, sitting behind that clunky desktop PC behemoth, that just one decade down the line we’d be carrying computers in our pockets? The advent of the smartphone age means we’re no longer carrying cellphones (those things that we actually talked to our mums on), that for years raced to be the smallest and had batteries lasting a decade. We now rather have palm-sized (and growing), powerful computers which just happen to, as a lesser function just below the calculator, be able to call someone. If your battery can last past 3pm, that is. The convenience...

  • What is an entrepreneur? Why are you one?

    ENTREPRENEUR – What the hell does it really mean and what right do you have to call yourself one… and how is the blatant promotion of ‘go-it-aloneship’ affecting the SA digital industry? Entrepreneur. It’s a word we see and hear bandied about everywhere at the moment, everyone is one, or is being told they should be one. If you do a quick search on Twitter as to the number of people who include the title of ‘entrepreneur’ in their profile, it’s a wonder how the global economy is in such a precarious position given how many of these ‘entrepreneurs’ are...