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All posts by Viesturs Zalaiskalns

Viesturs Zalaiskalns is Channel Manager at HansaWorld South Africa. HansaWorld provides an award-winning Integrated Business Platform covering Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Accounts together with a wide selection of industry-specific solutions, to more than 500,000 clients in 110 countries around the world. The solutions are available in 29 languages, run on all major platforms and support mobile use via laptops, Android and Apple iOS devices. HansaWorld is represented in many of the countries in Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Security vs productivity: the mobile device management conundrum

    Given the significant productivity benefits delivered by mobility, it is unsurprising to note that it is fast becoming a way of life in many organisations. In fact, Gartner predicts that as many as half of all employers will have instituted mandatory bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies within the next year. There are many reasons why mobility, and therefore BYOD, is taking off within enterprises. While employees can clearly be more productive in an office environment when using a laptop or PC, being able to utilise a mobile device for the same tasks means they are able to work from anywhere, and at...

  • 4 telltale signs that its time to change your ERP software

    In tough economic times, it becomes tempting to sweat your assets. But running an outdated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system may become more of a liability than a saving in the long run. Here are four telltale signs that indicate its time for a change in ERP software. Functionality gaps If the software you’ve been using for years starts becoming outdated, you will start noticing functionality gaps, particularly when your business ventures into a new industry or embarks on new business models. Many businesses may try to address these gaps by adding external components to the system, or moving functionality outside...

  • Here are the business benefits of an efficient CRM system

    CRM (customer relationship management) has evolved to encompass more than the traditional customer. In fact, this discipline should be seen as ‘contact relationship management’ rather than ‘customer relationship management’, and critical in any industry where relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and industry partners must be managed effectively. It’s time organisations took a fresh look at the potential for advanced and efficient CRM systems, particularly when integrated with ERP, to improve their business relationships across the board. Here’s five ways how businesses can benefit from an efficient CRM system: Support for growth As soon as a small business passes the three employee mark,...

  • 5 major IT headaches solved by the cloud

    Companies across South Africa and the world are discovering that cloud computing is a pretty neat way to procure the services necessary to do business. Cost consistently comes up as the primary advantage of cloud solutions – but they have many benefits beyond the price tag. Not only do cloud services solve problems for businesspeople, they also address common gripes for those tasked with managing the IT department. When it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning in the cloud, it makes administrators’ lives (and those of users) a whole lot easier. Check out these top five headaches for which cloud...