Facebook for iPhone update adds sharing and security features

Following Facebook’s recent privacy and sharing update, the social network’s iPhone app now also shares the same features thanks to its latest update. Version 3.5 of Facebook for iPhone lets users tag friends, as well as places in their status updates.

It is now also easier to manage how the users see each post. These features are mirrored on Facebook.com and include the updated look to the group walls and profile page. The look is now exceptionally clean, removing many of the outdated user interface options which seemed to detract from the user experience.

The layout is most definitely more streamlined, especially the user walls, which are easier to navigate and include the most important information, such as job and qualifications right on top of the stream.

A list of the updates includes:

  • New privacy controls — these are pointed out after the update and Facebook quickly summarises the latest features.
  • Tag anyone in a post — the new status update interface includes a “tag” icon which lets the user include their friends in their posts. Much like with Facebook.com, users can now review all tags which are added to your profile.
  • Location tagging — This can be turned on and off whenever you wish, but it keeps a permanent location tag on the users posts, based on GPS information.
  • Inline privacy controls — this was one of the most anticipated features of the Facebook update. “Everyone” has been changed to “Public” and the user can now handpick the users who see their updates.
  • Other fixes — faster notification speed, chat bugs fixed, filters are now easier to select in the news feed, photo and notification bugs fixed, stability and performance improved overall.
  • The iPad version of the Facebook app remains AWOL for now and all support for the app has been removed thanks to the latest update.

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