Samsung Galaxy SII sales hit 10-million mark

According to Samsung, the Galaxy SII has sold over 10-million devices since its April launch. The phone has seen a particularly strong surge in sales since July, when sales were sitting on just under five million.

Samsung’s premium smartphone debuted in South Korea in late April and May in various European countries. It finally went on sale in China in July and in the US markets in September.

JK Shin, chief of Samsung mobile devices said, “In just five months the Galaxy SII has seen tremendous growth, reflecting strong support from carrier partners.”

Sales in South Korea have been the most positive, sitting at 3.6-million units. In Europe, 3.4-million and throughout the rest of Asia, 2.3-million. US sales figures are, as yet, unknown.

A statement from Samsung said, “…with this record, Galaxy SII has become the fastest ten million sold Samsung phone in all time, breaking the records of the company’s previous international hit models Star Phone and Galaxy S which took six and seven months respectively for ten million sales”.

Analysts have predicted that due to the early launch of the iPhone 5 in October, the Samsung Galaxy SII will be competing head to head with Apples latest smartphone.

Shin also said earlier this year that Samsung had planned to sell over ten-million Android-powered phones and to drive the company’s mobile division to new levels of success in terms of market share.

As soon as the Galaxy SII launched, Samsung was quick to announce the latest generation of smartphone’s, namely the Galaxy SII LTE and the S II HD LTE. These phones will have the same super AMOLED display, albeit with a much enhanced 4.66 inch screen. The new models will also include 1.5GHZ dual-core CPUs and 1080p HDMI video output.

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