Memeburn and Gearburn relaunch on new platforms and have been refreshed, improved and relaunched, providing a better and more consistent user experience across multiple devices, a streamlined back-end for faster page loads, and better tools for readers to share stories with their social media contacts.

Support for the growing army of readers hitting the sites from tablets and smartphones has been improved with new mobile and web apps. And finally, the sites have been restructured to give readers a better, cleaner and more intuitive interface.

Memeburn is now available on more devices, and the site responsively adjusts to the environment it finds itself in. We think dedicated mobile sites are dead. We think a multi-platform, responsive site is vital.

Memeburn WebApp
You can experience Memeburn as a web app if you visit the site with any of the leading smartphones. It contains a bit of HTML 5 love, with more to come soon. We believe webapps are the future, but native apps are still important too. Our basic mobi site is available for the simpler phones.

iPhone app, thanks Steve
Native apps are still growing in popularity, so we’ve developed an iPhone app, for that silky, smooth experience that only apps can deliver. Our Android and iPad apps are coming soon too.

Twitter is now the Memeburn’s largest referrer of traffic, followed by Facebook, followed by Google. One year ago, Google was consistently the largest referrer – and it has been significantly supplanted by social networking sites. Some articles have seen massive sharing (like this one, and this one).

We owe our readers for the site’s growth – we are being tweeted and liked almost every minute of the day. And we’ll continue to provide shit hot content, worthy of sharing.

Memeburn is rapidly climbing the rankings, with a growing, loyal global audience. Memeburn has seen massive growth since launch eighteen months ago. Gearburn, the most recent addition to the stable, was soft-launched in April, and went daily from mid-November, and is already seeing fantastic growth.

“The Burn sites are doing brilliantly, and show the promise of this new generation of publishers – online only, and Internet savvy. We don’t have any of the baggage of the old, staid media houses, and bring a fresh view untainted by corporate interests and Old Boys Club management,” said Michelle Atagana, managing editor of the Burn suite of sites. “Not only are we doing well on the Web, but growing fast on the mobile Web, and are doing pioneering work with Web apps as well as putting the finishing touches on our iPhone and iPad apps, with an Android phone and tablet app coming soon.”

The editorial and development teams are keen to get feedback – any suggestions or comments are welcome – send them to



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