Unlocking the iPhone 4S

Keen on freeing your device from the shackles of your telecom? Follow the guide below to unlock the iPhone 4S and use any SIM card. Please note that this only works on a Jailbroken iPhone 4S.

Follow Gearburn.com’s guide to do this. Another note, you’ll need the latest iTunes for this procedure to work. Finally, all modification are done at your own risk.

  • Add the “repo.bingner.com” in Cydia
  • When installed, search for Sam Bingner’s SAM package. Install it and tap the SAMPrefs icon
  • There’s plenty to fiddle with now. In the utilities section, select “deactivate iPhone” and check under “more information” to see if the process was a success
  • Next, tap  “By Country and Carrier” in the “Method” section and select another telecom
  • Head on over to “more information” and copy your IMSI in the “SAM details” section
  • Select “Spoof Real SIM to SAM”
  • In the main SAM menu, “method” has to be swapped over to manual. Pop the copied IMSI number in this field
  • iTunes time. Plug the iPhone into the computer. The 4S will reactivate. When this finishes, quit iTunes and disconnect the ol’ iPhone
  • Open SAMPref’s and turn off SAM
  • Take the 4S and reconnect it to iTunes. iTunes will harp on about how it can’t activate the phone. Don’t worry, just close iTunes and open it up again, this time it will activate the 4S

This hack will work until the moment Apple updates its firmware and stops it from working. Take advantage of this method now, while you can. Let’s all thank hacker Loktar_Sun for this fine piece of work.


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