BlackBerrys — crappy phones filled with fat-burning fun

We are a society obsessed with weight. The news brings us stories of size zero models and obese primary school children and no matter where we look we are pelted with information on keeping fit, eating healthier and how we should be leading our lives in order to achieve this health perfection. That’s a lot of stress for you to take on your already over burdened shoulders right? Thankfully – there’s an app for that…or a good few apps.

BlackBerry has a mountain of apps available to you to make eating and living right so much easier. They are on-the-go so they fit into your already hectic life and they take the edge off remembering more schedules and lists of do’s and don’ts.

The beginning of most of our weight problems begins with what we actually put in our mouths. Whether it’s good or bad, over-eating and snacking are going to add nicely to the centimeters on your waistline and bring down your general health. The LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker Blackberry app (R17.50) helps you with this basic problem by allowing you to keep track of the calories you are eating. You can track your weight and see how you are progressing towards your goal weight -which is determined by the information you put in. You can now make sure you are getting you daily requirements without adding to the problem.

Weight loss Sensei by Humana Inc (R82.73) lets you schedule every part of your journey to a healthier life. Your meals and exercise are scheduled for you with handy alarms and you get the added benefit of affirmations and motivations as you go along. You have a pocket personal trainer with you — making sure you achieve the very best you.

For those of you already stacking up the excuses on why you can do this (I’m soooo unfit) BlackBerry has an app for that too. 60 mins Walking Program for Diabetes and Weight Loss and Walkers By Infinite Appz (R12.00) helps you on your walk to health and fitness. This app has a 12 week schedule which slowly brings you up to the fitness level you need to be to achieve and maintain a healthy body.

Of course there is no reason you shouldn’t be allowed to have a little bit of passive help too, which is offered in the form of Weight Loss Hypnosis Program By EHYP Productions (R24.91). This passive app, allows you to lie down and relax while listening to a fusion of music and sounds which hyponotises you, conditioning your brain to eat better, not feel the need to snack and even revitalizes you so you have more energy to exercise.

The combination of these apps should have you well on your way to a healthier body and lifestyle, and all with absolute ease.



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