Pimp out your Android the easy way

The world is your oyster… or rather your Android is your canvas, with a ton of gorgeous apps that will leave your Android looking and functioning like an extension of you.

Everyone likes to make their belongings their own and with the Android market producing a wide variety of apps to spice up your Android smart phone, you can literally customize everything, depending on what your heart desires. Your Android smart phone can reflect your style, taste and personality as well as feature some apps that will make your phone even better than before.

In terms of improving the quality of your Android smart phone, there are some delightful apps out there that will make your phone even more of a pleasure to use. BioWallet Signature, for example, is a free app by mobbeel that keeps all of your information stored away securely in one place. The great thing about this app is that the only way to access the information, is to use your personal, handwritten signature. If this doesn’t match the one the app has stored, the information cannot be accessed. Pimp your security and make sure all of your bank details, personal information and work data is never seen without your permission.

On the more creative side, there are some stunning apps that help you to pimp your camera feature. We have looked at how to make the most of your camera on Android before, which gives a lovely array of apps for your camera that are a pleasure to use. Camera360 Ultimate from PinGuo. Inc. is another option if you enjoy photography and want to spice up your photograph, offering beautiful effects, fun scenes and various ways to share photographs. It will improve your camera’s quality, produce fabulous results and is a free app on the Android market.

When it comes to pimping your phone, the background is the most important. For those who don’t mind spending the extra cash, SPB Shell 3D is totally worth it, offering a futuristic and breath-taking interface with an interactive home screen, widgets, advanced graphics, smart folders and many more. For the perfectionist who is serious about their Android smart phone, I would recommend checking this app out on the Android market.

However if you’re just more interested in decorating your phone and adding a bit more flavour to the background and settings, PhoneDecoration from Chuk song is a free app that provides all sorts of options when it comes to themes and backgrounds, in fact users are spoilt for choice. The navigation of the app is a little tricky, but if you get it figured, it’s worth a browse.

For those who are serious about the managing and controlling of interfaces on their Android smart phone, Control (OSC + MIDI) is a fabulous one to try out that outputs Open Sound Control and includes a host of features for the user to set their own values for apps including musical, artistic or virtual reality. You have to know what you are doing to work this app, however there is a lot of assistance offered on the developer’s website for newbies.

When it comes to decorating, controlling, managing and improving the quality of your Android smart phone, there are many tools to help you do so. Your phone can be everything that you want it to be and more.



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