Nexus 7, new iPad dropped, soaked and beaten

The final breath of any gadget comes at a price, like the hundreds of dollars it cost to purchase the damn thing. Without warning, accidents happen, screens shatter and metal unibodies are smashed beyond repair. And damn our eyes if we don’t love watching the carnage.

Let the one percent destroy its gadgetry. And allow YouTube to deliver the results.

The recently released Nexus 7 and Apple’s new iPad take a mad pounding. We’d never advocate doing this at home, so just cut that damnable thought process right out.

Why do we love it so when a gadget is tortured? Is it the same impulse which drives us to crane our necks at the scene of an accident? Is it the inherent design of human nature which is prone to base desires of pain and pleasure? No, we’re just glad that it’s not our Nexus 7 or new iPad. We can sit back in the comfort of our chairs and lovingly stroke our tablets without fearing its destruction. Videos like these free us from malicious thoughts of screen destruction. And elate us when the gadgets come through without a scratch.

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Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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