South Africa lands dirt-cheap 10Mbps all-you-can-eat ADSL, yours for R496

Unbelievable. It’s moments like these that define a country’s internet future. South African ISP Axxess recently launched its new 10Mbps Uncapped ADSL package for R496 monthly, as pictured below.

Axess’ previous 10Mbps uncapped offer clocked in at a pocket-raping R1096. It’s been lowered to R496 now but there’s a small catch. We need to add the price of the ADSL line (R349) to the uncapped offering (R496) and the Telkom line (R130) for the grand total of R975. Just under a grand for uncapped is still an excellent offer if we compare prices. Thank you Hellkom.

Great price for fast, all you can eat internet. If interested, visit Axxess now and sign up, you crazy internet hungry bastards. We’d hurry if we were you, the special only lasts until 31 October 2012. We can already feel the cobwebs growing on our arms as the internet sinks itself even deeper into our gaming and downloading lives. For gadget lovers, this is an important milestone. As the price lowers and the speed rises, apps download faster and online games get even better. Let’s hope the price sinks even further.



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