3 things you didn’t know about Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer

Gaming on Alienware setup for MOH: Warfighter. Powerful machines.

Single-player modes in shooters have one purpose in life, to train the gamer for the online component. After spending some time with Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer, which releases worldwide 26 October, we came away with these three factoids:

  • There are six classes. Sniper, Assaulter, demolitions, heavy gunner, Point Man and Spec Ops. And each one plays radically different from the other. Sniper is self-explanatory, Assaulter is the grenade man, Demolitions is the heavy armour brute, heavy gunner has the light machine guns, point man is the solider class, and Spec Ops is the spy. Exciting.
  • It’s super easy to find your teammates. Their names hover over their head and their bodies glow in the distance, even through scenery. It’s the type of stuff you’d see in hacked versions of other shooters, but it works here.
  • There’s points and EXP to be gained everywhere, even more so than Battlefield 3. Support actions, points after the match, points for breathing heavily, there’s XP to be gained everywhere.

Bonus points: MOH: Warfighter is going to span two discs on Xbox, one on PS3. We bet this is for high-res textures.



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