Far Cry 3 preview: the best deer-skinning game you’ll play all year

Here’s the skinny. Far Cry 3 is going to be the shooter you’ll play this year. We spent some time with it, and in a nutshell: you’re going to want to buy this one.

It’s beyond gorgeous

Watching a video doesn’t do Far Cry 3 justice. Powered by the new CryEngine, Far Cry 3 bleeds graphical power. Blades of glass sway realistically in the wind, animations are realistic and textures sharp as all hell. Even the sky, the goddamn sky is a piece of art with realistically swelling clouds and gods own lens-flare. And it moves at a silky 60fps. Top marks goes to the water, which was so real we

This doesn’t do it justice

There’s a working ecosystem, with invincible tigers. 

Kind of. Fire burns, water impairs vision and wind blows the fire around. We’re told that there’s a working day/night cycle, but we didn’t get to see this in action. Predators roam the unfriendly jungles and it’s a smashing addition to the hunt-or-be-hunted gameplay. Sadly though, we died trying to take down a tiger. This game, it’s tough as balls. Oh and all animals can now be skinned, allowing you to sell the hide for money. Very Red Dead Redemption.

A good result

The bow is the new sniper rifle 

Seriously now, why the hard-on for sniper rifles in shooters? It’s high time we upgraded to something… more. Like the bow. Crysis 3 is going to rock it hard, and it has the same graphics engine, so shall Far Cry 3. The bow had three arrowheads: Standard, fire and our favorite, explosive. Watching a heard of lions explode from a single arrow brings a tear to our eyes.

Your new best friend

And it’s all coming out 29 November. We’ll be first in the queue.



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