Modded Galaxy S III gets wireless charging for $28

Thought the Nokia Lumia was the only phone to get wireless charging? Think again.

For US$7.50, and US$20 for shipping, a Galaxy S III can be converted from wired to wireless charging. Magic, witchcraft? No, it’s a user on eBay called “HKRC” who modifies the back covers of S III’s for wireless fun. For less than US$30, you too enjoy Lumia style wireless charging. And here’s how it works:

The back of the S III’s cover is where the wireless trickery takes place. The initial image provides the answers.

On the left is the standard S III cover, but with a slight modification, namely the wireless inductive charging plate. The modified backing plate connects to the S III, or S3 i9300’s two battery charge points.

Now, the S III won’t charge with the wireless Nokia charging pillow, but instead with Palm’s wireless charger, as last seen with the Palm Pre. The Palm wireless charging station has a magnet, allowing the S III to snap into place for ease of use, apparently.

Finally, we have proof of concept. The S III is successfully charging wirelessly. For anyone interested in this seemingly safe and exceptionally useful mod, follow the link here and consider dropping US$30 for Lumia-style convenience.

The S III was supposed to have an official wireless charging dock, but this has been put off on hold until “after September”. Which oddly enough, has passed. Best to stick to unofficial mods for now if you need to get your wireless groove on.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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