Playstation Store gets much needed revamp by Sony

Sony’s Playstation store is getting a much-needed revamp to prepare for a common store-front across its Web-connected TVs, Blu-ray players and phones.

Related game and movie franchises will be placed together on one page. Movies and other related material from popular franchises will then be easier to rent or buy. The game controller will also be more easily used for alphabetic searches.

Michael Aragon, Sony’s general manager of global digital video and music services, said: “In the siloed past, there was a lot of different groups doing their own different things. We had to have one account, one wallet. That was priority No. 1 by a long shot. Then we had to fix the user experience.” He also stated that the Japanese manufacturer is planning the same changes to its televisions and similar products.

This marks the first major redesign for the PS3 store ever since it added video in 2008. Built using HTML5, it will make it easier to update and adapt to similar devices and make updates faster and easier, said Aragon.

More changes are expected that will make the entire PS3 experience easier and more enjoyably for Sony users. But we suspect that it will be only for Sony products. Well we don’t suspect, but we think it’s a given. If for instance you currently watch movies on a device, say a PS Vita, the movie is locked to that device. Sony plans to give its users more freedom in allowing different platforms to connect in such a way that you would be able to watch a movie on one device, pause and then continue watching on another device.

After the massive hiccup in 2011 when hackers managed to retrieve almost 77-million users’ personal details, rebuilding the trust of consumers is of large value for the Japanese electronics maker. Currently the gaming network has 110-million users.



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